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Children Exploited Conspiracy Uncovered by - Mental Health Frictive Standard - | Australian News and Analysis Children Exploited Conspiracy Uncovered by - Mental Health Frictive Standard - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 7 August 2015

    Children Exploited Conspiracy Uncovered by - Mental Health Frictive Standard

    Children Exploited Conspiracy Uncovered by - Mental Health Frictive Standard has calculated the exactness of mental health in children.

    Some factors to consider :

    -Laughing while under medication in hospitalisation is perceived as illness due to weaknesses standing.

    -A height of happiness, can be seen directly as illness.

    -Hormonal deficiencies can be held account for and charged for.

    -Most of mental health are abusive. [medicational forsive oppressions/anguish faced from sedation /restrictive enviroments]

    -Many end up being technologically bugged [voices]

    -The system is rife with pedophilia [extents of covering naturisms they create on the patient, held account often for to torture of mental's degree and furthering of traumatics and abusive creations]

    -Patients exist in hospital in a standard of pain.
    Just trying to lift self out of mental slumber of mind, creates abusive frictions of mind itself.

    -The system revolves in negatives - [always at fault, needs to have luxury are seen as mis-spending, needs to entertain oneself amongst being de-personalised and de-sensatised to length] are seen as own faults - often people are left under financial orders and are further subject to traumatics from awareness factoring and calculation, a hopelessness resolve/revolve from actuality and actual awareness of system degrades [nutritional provided inabilities / smoking of all kinds is regarded as a fault, the faulting applies in every angle]

    -If commit crime while under mental health - there is rationally no accountability of mental health itself as is seen as directly a persons mind fault

    -Often patients do commit crime from impairment standards

    -Psychology is a revolving form, the dissection of thought itself has countless angles in an interview environment and with current standing - revolving back on subject matter. [dissection in interviewing has a formed outcome back on a mind fault for every angle - links of psychiatrist alleviates further this] the premise is simply a mind fault and the patient is dissected in this, regardless of prior's and accountable for history at length and as active form.

    -Fright and fear is a common spanning occurring of mental health.

    -Ability to calculate learning spans, memory of life eventing - is destroyed completely to patient being of instinctual naturisms.[psycho-tracing in this holds the patient to account further] a declination of psychiatrist learning off-

    -Technological based torture is a common place. [voices /thought insertion of a milatarism grade]

    -Medication provides/causes heroin like addictiveness to itself -

    -A standard of long term anti-psychotic use is creation of a learning disorder

    -Withdrawal sicknesses from medication are mistaken for anxiety [often more and further increases of medication are needed]

    -Interferences in deep sleep (sleeping) are a common place and further mistreated often for this sleep of mind caused. [a common lucidness]

    -In restrictive environments patients reflect of each other often furthering a declination of patients in ward span.

    -Thought targeting vulnerabilities are a common formed appetite.

    -A standard of long term anti-psychotic use is 30 years off the life of the patient.

    -Medicational abuse /distancing, links hormonal decreases/increases (quantities of sperm/estrogen, deficiency of) to behavioural's  [production /speed of] -hormonal frustratives -distance to sexual
     -cognitive recognition of sexual intuativeness of self (furthering a further abusive needed relief, an entrapment in sexual depravities, narrowed span into attractive vulnerability targeting self-preclusive incitement and can be held account for-) thought awareness/actual

    -Patients on all psychiatry based medications suffer spatial distancing issues

    -Medicational self-neural-passivisation/self-neural-plastisation /manipulative effective's on learning span instructionals -

    -Medicational inabilities to maintain motivationals /physical energies, ability to clean and maintain standards from complete lacks in energy and ability to motivate oneself in energetic formatories (control of mental's)

    -Long term outcome of disregard and persceptive disregard on weaknesses caused by medications is loss of friends (to extent you are 'just the mental health patient'), the resulting is forming a need to attract other mental health patients, in this there is control of finding a girlfriend ;for example - in system (sectioned from women unjustly-) creations of social declining depravity and furthering of-

    -Needed nutritional reimbursement due to weakening of mind and body physics/physicality - weight gain is caused under this physical deprivation /sleep interferences and resulting weight gain becomes victim to intense obesity hate/stigma perspectives/perceptive enhanced by medication caused perceptive weakening ; formations of self-hate are one of resulting.

    -Tranquilisation inability to succeed in current working environmental's and progressives of; a plateau of submussive mind and energetic inabilities keep the patient unable to succeed or progress to successful height ;

    -Once subjected to poverty based housing environments ; this usually stays with them for life as a majority span of mental health and deterioration of ;

    -Mental health are held accountable for nerves in normal humane conversational moments - this furthers into paranoia with medicated overlays with sedative agents [submussion of mind, accuracy of height of thought and calculation of a whole and life span eventing;] life span memory recollection ability and calculatives of; premises is nerves are held to account for, as standard in interviewing environments as average span in psychiatry - patient thoughts of having mind read/deconstructed reverberates nervousness onto the patient with furthering; [standard implied aggravative against] inflictive inability of psychiatrist norm /reach of thought abilities and standard human calculation;

    -Medication will cause submussion of mind, you will be further held accountable for these factors like frustration and irritability and further overlayed with the medication which caused the very instabilities (compulsive/restrictive addictive) a formed need in patients to sub-due own mental height- [elelvant frustrative and inability submussion in-affective on memory /numb - addictive plateau] submussion of addictive height gains to submuse again (revolving) chemically dependent-

    -Imagination is not accepted nor tolerated [and you will be held to account for medication luscency of mind in this]

    -Mental health psychological medicational repression of abusive structuralism will simply cause frictive/weakness. -instinctual overlaying psycho-recognition-

    -Medicational abuse of child's belief system and imagination as actual standard- (targeting and cancellation of mental drifting, the imaginative) psychiatry inter-elective/intervector/interjection medication uses to blanket this mind element - dreaming/imaginative creative is simply unacceptable in psychiatry standardisations overlaying of treatment ethics- narrowing in interviewing into targeting of mind functions/factoring which causes issuing' [inter-objectivity targeting of mind faulting recognition/s and in length formational of treatment span] - dissection of thought process and leveling of mind in Psychiatrist's fault/faulting in a momentary, within disregard due to sedative based or mind submussive/frictive/restrictiveness weaknesses or inaccuracies they caused themselves, failure of attributing to own medication as standardisation over-lay of distinctive/directive/dissective of mind faulting perceived; [medicational overlaying on anguish/frustrated inability to speak the issues due to medicational effects of patient, seen and known disregard and torture premises by Psychiatry standardisations and acceptance of in patients- [cognitive caused infliction of mental barrier and learning effectrate and communicants]]

    -Medicational aggravate of dreaming/dream-state trans-luscentness, dream/sleep interflictive against [elevative from submussion of mind elasticity] treatment standard of forceful submussion long terming- [anguish state compaction/impaction of; reverberation's and infliction of;] - coffee needs in patients, formational submussive of mind and submissive to obedience's seen in patients long terming- plateau of finalised acceptance [inability caused; impacting medication in-accurateness and in-acuity an in-clarity caused in actuality- forced obedience into damage to mind-]

    -No ability in psychiatrists to differentiate between actual and normality (patients able to adapt to high regard, seen through interviewing narrowing light only when can differentiate well and differentiate from appointment itself and structural of-) - to differentiate between something a patient does and patients adhesiveness/deceptiveness/tentativeness/adhesiveness/attentiveness; to this - under mental health a crime is a crime with seen no resolute possibility often [even though impacting/defensive traumatic infliction on the patient and restrictive implored tactisism/activism and abusive forceful medications often causes the issuing/eventing/venting itself, even is the cause of the very neural-plasticity of mind into accountabilities- no account for thought processing of receptor, transmitter, electro-signal nutri-vitality (weakening of structural connectivity) impairing and impairing long term in functional reasoning/rationalisation/-limitations of ]

    -The Psychiatrist holding qualifications in a field of mind study, is wrongfully seen by Psychiatrist as above in all factors of the mind wrongfully [a common egotistic revolve/resolve/alleviate of mind study and faced objectiveness of patient defensive, as of knowing how someone functions, this can be seen by youth engagement as well when start studying psychological courses, to be better than another-] there is a manipulative answer for everything when subject to mental health, as its pin-pointing a thought process at end of day and this can be seen in nursing staff in mental health wards- patients being on sedative based agents and interference in electric signalling so are in general span less capable at pin-pointing itself, and are of subjection in this- often patients are bullied in this.

    -The wards often contain criminality extents of people (rapists, child abusers, etc.) and furthers into self-analytic behaviours, effective span on patients [medicational recognisational abusives (thought connectivity inter-inflictive) , targeting of;]

    -There is oppressive against re-currant into next Psychiatry interviewing which negates a defense itself-  adaptive's/captivation to next forthcoming appointment - [captive behaviouralism] non-recognition of mental confinement in dissection perspective by Psychiatrists of thought analysis interjecting/inter-sectioning (narrowed focus on mind faulting) a common disregarding - (psychological analysis of thought structure, negating emphatic/humane communicants itself-) [psychological premise/factoring of mind aspectuals dissection, a narrowing viewing from inner-] a disassociated commons of psychological layering basis/base of mind of Psychiatry/Psychiatrists -

    -A patient claiming they are of intellect is taken as delusive/dellusion itself (lack of calculative of a whole perspective of a human itself, lack of focus on medication causing the premise and resolve in patient itself) (patients defending length/extent 'cry') and often the Psychiatrist will re-assure on premise of ; 'yes you are smart, you poor soul, just not as capable as I'  - an egitistical premise of being of greater in study of mind itself, seen attributing in starting of psychology/counselling coursing -

    -Communication forms are cut under mental health - you can not re-stipulate to psychiatrist on phone, you can not email your actuality of progression of thought itself (analysis of dissection in interview as a standing and history) uncertainty levels in patients /anguish - financial management institutions under mental health are ignorant and lack psychological factoring itself, furthering premise of torture itself of mental (differentiating between department) - there is also revolving issues among whole system intricate itself which on average decline a patient, to assume being thoughtless or lacking memory recall of life eventing is an improvement is idiocy in this. (removal of recognition is not a treatment, it is murder of human mind) [a distance/distant cry pretenses - the walking dead] sickening level of acceptances of not being in control-

    -Love for someone not close to itself and the traumatic of- while under a sleepless plateau (translucent weaknesses) of medicates is seen as over-dramatisation or direct obsession - this furthers throughout history keeping the issue in-revolving in patient (reflective seen by patient as Psychiatrist thinks is an outstanding issue, going over to help Psychiatrist is further seen as other factors, unusual struggle, elevated on the issue/topic-) aspectual/perspective- forced acceptance that loving someone itself even romancing a person or attempts to; can be seen directly as an illegality or criminal act - romancing courting is simply odd behaviours as a base level premise -

    -Patients often eat as an alleviate for draining of mental-vitality and physical inability, a self-recovery standard - comfort uses among confinement attributing to meals as average span being helpful (amounts eaten, amounts needed among physical deteriants, sleep deprivates and  a weakened physicality itself)- combatant used* -Mental clarity and acuity seen inability of control of own mind seen in instructionals of eating too much and disobedience/disobeying of; (inability at self control while on anti-psychotics depressants -sedative agents /sleepers)

    The system of mental health can literally torture you and impair you to mentally damaging degree's then apply your mental attributes for the torture itself being a mental issue, disregarding the actual overlaying premise you/the client were mentally/physically abused.

    People against you have an advantage to control your life, stealing off you or even poisoning you because paranoia (control of psychiatry/law perceptions)  furthermore you can be impaired from someone acting unlawfully against you with their prior intent for that to be recognised as a mental health issue (weak, off-point, delusive)  overlaying treatment over abuse or the assailants impactful intent on mental capacity to degree's of some mental health being mentally and physically harmed as an intent to extents of the patient becoming unlawful, this assault capability to be manipulated and directly assigned on the person to torturous extents of psychological abidance on the person leaving a major gap in ability to treat a person humanely, or rationalise the acts against were legitimate acts against. [history of the patient in this can control a furthered outcome of seeing the person as needing the treatment, creating a direct blind spot in ability to hold value over what the patient has stated and this exists to extents of psychological standings and the voiding/disregard nature of assigning a mental dis-functionality on the individual - furthered trauma through mental incarceration environments displace the issue /acceptance and rationality of to the extent of patients disregarding the actual] it's a common standing for psychiatry to distance the patient through assigning a belief or mental incapacity rationalisation for actual events, forming a mental dis-interpretation or dis-connectivity to existing events (often treated till the actual /the issue is of non-recognition or does not effect the individual - submussion of mental factual) where the issue itself may be of the level of traumatisation to the individual to impact to a mentally conflicting degree, de-parting and forming distrust and dis-belief in the individual and creating compliant/submissive interviewing with the patient being as a furthered extent of dis-connectivity that resolutes in uncertainty/fear/hopelessness/traumatisation/abuse to mentally voiding/impacting degree's of not addressing the under-lying issues.

    -Once memory recollect and calculative of ; life eventing; are inaccessible to the patient and they exist in an instinctual state, it creates plausilbity among dissection of mental flaw/inability of thought process (a narrowed analysis of mental thought in a focused interview environment)  -this can be classed as a cognitive impairment, even with medication causing the very issue it is wrongfully seen among psychological assets/value of the patients thought process or flaws of; as needing further medication distancing the person's actuality among survival like states against this (knowledge of, witness to own inabilities/in-functionality caused and by medication with hospitalisation's of traumatic memorability and persecution against with many angles) - rationalised damage to mental clarity and functionality, acuity of thought process /accuracy - legalised damage to the mind (neural-receptivity /functionality of connectivity) till the patient exists in child-like regards though seemingly recognised as a standard of an 'ill adult instead of the factual of damaged to point of childish behavioural's [anguish, a need to speak in overlaying, attention, talking to self, dream state /belief 'war/ aliens' - easily subject to the ab-norm of belief, state of belief, trans-luscency of thought; caused by persecution against - a none the less extreme vulnerable/frictive state perceived by the mains of public of being as a standard inferior or unable/inability or simply not worthy] - a standard or gap created in psycho-analysis that disregards anti-psychotic damage as being of an 'ill adult' instead of damaged to the point of child like growth or functionality /inability of mental's. Existence in the uncertain are a common, eventually acceptance of is oppressed upon the patient. [an issue with psychological valueing of thought process and movementation's (energetic inability of sedative agents, luscent resolve/alleviate) -differentiating between mental analysis and the actual of what the patient experienced and trust of what they state or abide by, a psychiatry inability among dissection of the mental to value the experience or impact displayed/anguish of patient as being of a legitimate rational for current behavioural's.

    Attachment standarisation of law, to psychically attach to children, spans of mental health abusively 'defensively/weakened-frictive' -psychtro-trancementation to attachmentation;  law ethic standards - failure of classification of law to calculate this is false intenting for accusation angles itself - technological spanning directives for accusations [multiple angulars to accountability preventatives] treated as attachment standards with mental health's standards of hallucinations [intervene of eventing of psychotropic-attachment] being treated for; though realistically these very incidents are designable accountability standards of intenting itself - control of impairment's/medicating standards to commit further revenge as a standard [a system used for revenge purposes with multiple angulars] manipulation of directing accountability standards of classification itself [directive psychology, perceptual standing of classification directed /to against] psychological attributing of psychiatry to engage in medicational impairment for assailantry methodism, schizophrenia - being of furthered form of assaulting [technological assault causing frictive/reverberate psychotropic-tracement] and classification standing of; directing intenting manipulations. A standard treated at law height of abuse being of psychic attachment with failure to realise the technological directive control abilities of;

    Furthered :

    -The scared - fright nerve instinct - race already, nerves in momentary of conversation - why aggravate it with things which are known be to be an effective weakness in the actual (anti-psychotics (sleepless almost state of dlissuiltry patients experience)) Level effective submussion of mental height long term, elevational platform of tranquilisations or simply anti-psychotics draining neural-connectivity and furthermore physic evolve, the nutri-sensitivi and phsyical form of brain, the chemical effective of the anti-psychotic drugs themselves, a disregarding or disconclused as psychiatrist level negating premise of the complexitity of flow rate connectivity long term on electic-trasmitting itself, a negating weaken the phsyical form (physic psychology revolving) - effectively lowering the person chances of adaptiveness itself - the ability to achieve itself. A long term decremental/decreasemental of a mental height itself - the effective standing is further from awareness and more distant. Psychotropic-incitement plausibility. Reverative elementics between the human psychology, leveling of pretenses.An imagining dream race of nervous moment in communicants is shown.

    Focal instrinctment connectivity - psychtro-ensentience, religous fitting human pretenses* zapping ourselves pretensibilities - psychtro-chemical-instrinctment  - technological control of thought itself - nothing in reality pretenses - focus acquisition of thought itself, ability to recall, another type of living is pretty much an anti-psychotic standard, its not a reality state. It shows similar type withdrawels to morphine or herroin like substance use.You can force the plateau of mind into submussive recognitions, a departed, its more fitting in reality as substance abuse, a lot of the aliens going to hospital look more fitting of psychtro-depressive alleviation complex. As an overlay of hospitalations of long periods its generally depressive re-insertment , minimal negitaite level resolvement of alien case by police - technologica instrinctment of thought, a flow pattern. Capture the alien flow rate pretensibilities - the walking dead, transcient imaginatory possibility, designable psyhiclogic of mentality itself manipulatives used against, purpose of being a flaw level found in rudimentary of conversational dissection element, illusionary pretense delusionary of mind context of psychiatry, a negative light context is some way', always focuses in end in mental aspectual like judgments, points of seen knowledge of pshychiatry part its a necessity of treatment and recognition of mentality gapping, psychtro-luscene state. - a little game of how hard can you try on revealment of subject matter of held subject to (aliens, psychic, war, religion - various instructmental signs of brainwashing uses on mental health span) subject of certain types like war party eccentric brainwashing in patients, dilluscency level used against - religious cover-up dellusive of mind level in pateints, psychotropic-delussivry-base, brainwashing atmospheric premise of fantasia use against, manipulative adaptions, illusional knowledge bases confirmations, alleviants, forcing adaptions used against, manipulative leveling from perspective of above (not allowed to respond in kind technically by system in housing establishments or ward analyses, seen as an insanity context) fear alleviating of on-point fantasia level used against (gifted resolve dillusionary theatriatric manipulatives), subject to psychiatry knowledges in this. Adaptive behavioural complexes seen in patients. (a child-like reversing on what faced with) Geo-static psychological base and tranceparancies associated - a lucent actuality faced of event in timing span seemingly between appointments - psychtro-resolve; or simply faced with the alleviative manipulations thrown against, controlling pretenses.

    Psychtro-insignating behind memory instuctment cohesiveness - non-recognition elements to be able to recognise this.

    Voices: cognitive interjective/reverberation on mental stability plateau over momentary/eventing psychotropic-memorium reflective, recall attribution to patients defense attribute, child-of-war mentality resolute platform on mental health formatory -seen acts against, psychotropic-instinctual awareness of the actual-perceived by the patient of no-resolute, depressive height - thought intervector platforming - spanning mental in-captive elements in mental health treatment - unusual attribution of hardship based elements representative of struggle, no resolute of treatment perceptive - life attributing seen as more to story, reflective of brainwashing is faced by the patient. -insightment of instinctual-tracing of actuality of the treatment aspectual of decline itself - faced confrontation of thought mediate resolute used against. [distractive plateau inhibition, dillusultancy - to dissolution from actual - dream reflective state in behaviourals/treatment appointments - uncertainty, attribute to power or wizardry/illusive height, mental barricading/barrier between normality - alleviancy refractive/submussion;reflective of mental standings- realism of norm, dissolutionary uses as punishing retributionary for patients defensive itself, a sickening standard of attribution to patients defensives over spanning of treatment-] manipulative elements, devil act - psychtro-trans-luscence submussion/sub-mission/refract into mental aspectual of the patient perceives, pre-planned dissolutive angular of spoken verbals into equation of submussion or control of subject.(unexpectancy revolve/resolve of faced alleviate, delusional greater -) A fight for Life. HorrorGraph Examplification, forced acceptance as rotational - fear insightment /resolve/alleviation precaution assigned - manipulative leveling  -

    A leapfrog game on transacting a person in a line into hospitalisational treatments. An almost over-lord revengist system for not being of obediance.-the person becomes a subject to thought influential technology, furthered paths of controlling element, assignment to life pretensifications, abuse itself being a self-thought confrontation of reflection through illusionary dreaming against. A state of illness as standard of psychotic eventing as to uncertainty of state reflective between psychiatrist and patient to unusual elevations, dream like tranluscencies in patients - subject to brainwashing. An insectecting flow unto mental health after self-thought confrontation element seen in psychiatry conversation, inter-uncertainty level, fright behavioural discussions, forced to be of obediance to system aspectuals of psychiatry standardisation, revolve of inability to communicate any communication of sorts is treated as illness, in the flaw aspectual of analysis of mind itself. [a narrowed form re-tribulation] direct focal viewing angle on a furthered aspectual of the mind itself. [inteviewing focual point, reverbated as significant illness into patients home behaviourals and outside of mental health tribulations speaking of such seen] uncertainty and disaffected unrecognition state of exist, to be aparted from self-body, the actual and significance of life eventing - fantasia level brainwashing used against. [a span of war, aliens, such acts as 'climb on roof' - 'fight defensibly' - a general span of mental health believing they are fighting for their lives, a joke itself - sickening torture that should not be allowed to go on - the little fairy's dressed for the slaughter - reflective disengaged fear of actual-

    Spacial physic revolutions, effecting revolvement - conscious base premise, a lightheaded, weakness revolve evolving, defensivry alienate life existing/progression- momentary revolve - to be facial trans-phasic  - effecting thought conscious existance - a weakening of body physical existance of conscious - disillusion of medication - to dissolution dream state nerve intensification, fear itself - focal in-sensitivity - reflective reversion - reflective uncertainty/obediance in patients - forced acceptance inferiority complexes - overlaying existing conscious awareness - span of earth dream rotations conscious spike [reflectivity, reactive revolution, forwarding dream overlay plateau earth revolve, nerve,fear/fright intensification electro-revolve, physiology adaptive to self-nature, our humane, design of life, frictive fear/nerve- race of scared ]

    Focal Insightment (narrow form) psychtro-targeting, interpretancy barriers in communication form, reverbative reflective occurring in conversation interpretation - momentarium reflective- calculative in-plausibility/uncertainty not of mental height resersive complex. Xanti-expedictacting.

    Psychic, children, religion, fairyland brainwashing medium, this extent is a furthered controlled use against to gain further control, under mental health this furthers treatment - the equation is off balance, at risk of medication to the assailants resolve on brainwashing effectrate complexes psychological brainwashing against -fairyland punishment invoce treatment, to assignment of lesser/vulnerable reactives focus, the spanning of play treating, with assigned medication intervectors to impairment/vulernability enhancement criminal outcomes with law presiding, interjective of voices in mental health spans, controlling overlays to assignment of labelilisational insightment of cognition influencing degree's.[attributed controlling through sleep plateau influential on mental health treatments, a lucidness that forms treatment needing; 'a bit of luscency that reflects a need to treat wrongfully. [sparsing mind into a narrowed form; a cognitive displacement of reality stating - overlaying childatising mental form as an invace for revenge/respect or assernment to assailancies methods - an accruscement with law standings, to force recognitions even though holds pretenses for dissolution furthering of actual mistreatment of these technological interference in human psychology]

    Continuous re-focus on patient mental aspectual (construction of thought, a forwarding of in itself of perspective) to re-assert oneself to the mental thought constructive of patient (a narrowing of spectral/spatial/derivative and regard -) fear aggravation and systematised constrictive/detainment/subjection of (system based controls /financials /in-parity effect of medications)

    Designed attributes, weakness incapability, innocent portrayal - to be at judgement, 'you are the animal' - the aliens, psychic, war - sickening psychological dressing of mental health in sexual servitude at physical alterations core. [an impairment of vulnerability] sexual servitude span of reflective to degree mental health are 'lovely angels' -  sexualised mistreat-ability standards. Ciphering of children from a young age, used as treats for opposing premise itself as picking out treating abilities - an overlaying abuse and throw to side systematic of controlling-

    Unusual level of fright state regardless in youth, why the reflective in first place.

    Medication design has formed to in-inhibit/in-habit psychic-sensitive/psychic-sensation naturism -this sensitive is simply the part treated [the forwarding or sentivitI', -supposed psychosis]- DE-sensatised emotionless robotical obedience outcomes in mental health spanning- anti-individualism.

    Long term outcome of not forcing psychic submussive of mind is diagnosis of Skitzophrenia : Schizophrenia - thought inserted with a questionable or fear /resulting alleviate to - abuse of God state. (fair wheels of mind)

    Manipulative friction caused, thought confrontations - electric thought transference (military grading)
    Possible mob or military design pretenses.

    Perceptual dis-engaging - dis-senescence of contact; parted from self-physique, allusiveness seen in adulthood - psychotropic-engaging and aggravation; psychtro-fear-revolve (luscent connectivity to stay with communicatant - overcomes shown in reflective momentary of conversate; (at distant perceptory is instinctual alienation]

    [sedative over a manipulate frictive state]

    Thought confrontationals - being hit with confrontational thoughts and alleviations to - forming a plateau of manipulate frictive (weakness)

    Layering of unnatural electric signal, layering of a base psychology (thought/ alleviate) -overlay long term is manipulate frictive state.

    Psychological layering - pretenses for mob/military targeting children for (mob : sexual use, vulnerability state for attraction) or military ('supposed' help)

    A layering of thought confrontations, plateau over span is weakness derived - frictive vulnerability caused, a weakness with psychological manipulations- abusive reflectiveness - self-pity faced, self-confrontational element seen in mental health - abuse creation.

    Treated wrongfully with medication, which spaces the mind- translucence /mind adaption /latency - to raise a height then submuse it with sedative agents which forces a spring of mind itself long term. [oppression/restriction/mind alleviate caused -retraction submussive refractive repression  -elasticity]

    Captive reflectiveness -plateau over-span of self-focus negative - time faced over-span of negative thought faced - [layering against self-resolve, inner-struggle span - combative reflective; electric resistance-] Hostage pretenses.

    Medicational addictive plateau formations - relief needed as constant - plateau overlay subjection.[compulsively restricted selfless] a plateau of submission 'sedative agent' submission/submusion of mind forms a plateau - the mind re-aquatints itself (minds natural defensive mechanism to outside interferences) the mind spring back up, this is a resilience plateau, actuality is medication causes a sickness overlay, the more medication is needed on daily basis, those whose minds are already lacking nutrient-vitality, suffer a worse fate and are often left at retarded orientates, submussing the minds activity in recursion, forming an adaptive nature itself of mind - needed long term continuation. Impacting/interfering with minds neuro-transmitters, weakens the minds structure and connectivity itself - after this opressive is complete and the state of 'acceptance' is formed in hospitalisation, recognition, recollection and many other factors that make a person able to defend themselves in life are damaged significantly - weakening the mind nutri-connectethesis value itself. [this draining effect, can often leave a person having to supplement this draining of minds nutritionals with food hopelessly]

    Hospital treatment formed into Benz-diazpenes - as needed relief - anti-psychotics are not of helping nature in this at all [thoughtless creation, recollection and damage to life eventing recollect - learning infracturement] learning reflective-refracting spans seen in patients [manipulative instagatory]

    Sleep pattern interferences - sleep deprivates - seen in patients state of existance momentarium - 'the walking dead' - deep-sleep-interferences-reflectiveness on learning barriers.[re-arrangement inflictive]

    Medication creates withdrawal sickness plateau's - this is seemingly counter-acted in hospital with Benz-dispenses/Benz-diazpenes, apparent anxiety is actually a formed plateau on mind,  oppression/repression/expression shown in needing relief in patients - formed sickness withdrawal needs seen in Benz-diazepene use - a formed plateau of submussion of mind itself - [repression/alleviate] can be seen in needs for a meal to counter-act this withdrawal and weight gain itself - compulsive/restrictive/addictive needs -

    Mental health has been formed into adaption to preventative of a psychtro nature [psychic] if someone starts becoming psychic, they are assigned onto medication preventatives (medication which damages this ability) coffee use, trying to gain a height of mind to wake out of a mental slumber, will force you to need more medications [manufactured medication design]

    Conclusive analysis : mental health is a revolving, resolvent abuse system, where the mind is fault/faulted so the individual is of responsible. [trained in weaponised dissolutionary, to unsual constanting of expecting to stay positive amongst complete chaotics] span of attributes overlaying to negative illness factors in psychiatrists as a constant - patient struggles shown in system without attribution for medicational impacts often and flaws of system itself (as overlay of mass treatment interviewing enviroments) the extent of calculations overlayed in interview environments as average span of negative resolves in Psychiatrists (interferences with psychiatrists thought processes shown in average calculative overlay of interview environments with patients) extent of dissection of thought without attributing to humanes and assignment of hospitalisations (for often little more than eventing impact trauma with failure to recognise eventing impacts prior due to perceived illness standardisations) extent of attribution to illness as a standard overlay of systematics and struggle witnesses in patients in this (fright/survival fight states) Systematics designatory of defensive not being warranted as a standardisation of illness standings itself. Spanning overlay of shown ignorance towards patients [their intelligence being not applicable due to illness standing, failure to calculate patients are of knowledgeable and fight/survival hopelessness caused] a dentistry like span of disregarding - failures to recognise patients being screwed with as an overlay average [paranoid attributing elaboration/labelisations, further failure to attribute abuse caused from impact of disregard on this and traumatisations furthering effective] failure as overlay to understand impacts of medication on spatial confinements (restrictive/forsive sedations and spatial surrounds and limitations of, as a standard of treating on average in thoughts covered in psychiatrists [even though known]) failure to calculate resolves to illness constantly in psychiatrist to effective on patient long term and their hopelessness and depression caused. Forceful interjecting of reclusion [resolutives/resolution] into patients mind and over spans (intermediating infliction and forceful acceptance of this of patients on an average span and of systematic co-insides) (selflessness/self-negative-resolve/self-hate/self-abusive/self-preculsives) revelation/reverbiration - over span of interviewing is acceptance forced upon from oppression - interview environments are literally subject to height leveling - negative formed resolve in patients heightens an answer in psychiatrist (as standarisation of psycho-connectethisis)  manipulative height leveling in both patient and psychiatrist (interview standard is both grasping stupidly at heightful informations, to unusual heights of inspectorcitements) patients believing often as psychic (failure to recognise basic communication is psychic, a child of belief) patients are in reality diminished and designed into children [failure to recognise they appear to be exactly child-like as treated as illness standardisations] - failure to in reality accept of or apply any religious contextuals (even though held accountable often in a supposed God'ly court system)

    Depressive re-alleviate thought confrontation supressancy /alleviancy relief revolvement -solvency - susceptivity of supression alleviancy wash standards, span of mental health - depressive faced re-elevation to though confrontations normalisationary plateau/platform creation - spans of brainwashing trans-ceseenscenlessnesssive -fear extravacation -repressance controlling premises - deprivational supplement re-habition -

    Read more into subject : Long Instrinctment:

    Think long and hard before assigning your children to a known life of pain and medicational perceptive rejection by society (weakness perceived) and completeness in negative resolve (rationalised its just illness by doctory and own family and friends) ;by others to torturous extent [actuality of system disregard]

    Author would recommend giving your kids petrol before attempt that mission of hell. (I think I am joking, try everything else first, think Plutonium poisoning might be more effective at killing yourself and kids off, I assume can buy on Russian black market if helps you at all)


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