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Marijuana - The Devils Advocant - A Fearful Awareness - | Australian News and Analysis Marijuana - The Devils Advocant - A Fearful Awareness - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 8 August 2015

    Marijuana - The Devils Advocant - A Fearful Awareness

    Marajuana - The Devils Advocant - A Fearful Awareness

    Fear-inducing sensitivities, a fear/paranoia that inflicts itself in a moment in achieving a height of awareness. Often mental health will smoke weed, to gain an understanding - self-inflictory - to raise one's awareness state and combat psychological layering -

    Over time the marijuana forms a plateau, you confront your fears hence long-term use negates this in an instance - though is actually of being more aware as you have covered your fears or problems thought fear instigations - nerve sensitivities and awareness resulting - an often in many needed awareness, fear is not always your enemy, fear can produce a combative awareness.

    To inflict one's own thought frictions to gain an awareness, to have fear (which mental health often will diminish to point of unawareness, non-recollection and removing sensitivities)

    Submussing the mind, gains a height - self-inflictory - to rationalise, thoughts covered often being of fear-inducing hence seemingly weed is seen as a stupid drug mistakenly, though realistically you have just covered your fears or issues 'over-focus' hence outcome is simply perceived as being of a 'dumbing' -

    -Weed can also resolve psychological layering pretences under mental health. When in a sedated overlay of momentary, often weed is needed to gain a momentary sensitive, to aggravate an awareness covered - with simply all long-term anti-psychotic cases having learning problems.

    Marijuana can reflect a fear in communications - this is seen as the person being of ill wrongfully, but the nerve sensitive in communication is actually a higher understanding, to be of psychologically nervous in-communicatants.[to nervously or fearfully reflect a grasp of nerves in the other communicant] -it is simply a greater grasp in communication, prior effectiveness and learning impacting to a higher degree. [psycho-translucent tracing and nerve instinctual awareness of the others]

    'a disregarding level is shown'

    **sensatime-reactional (sensitivity per thought instant) overlaying-reach (instanti-recept) intensification of fear covered and inner-reclusion (reversional-recept) [receptivity does not show/state and understanding, psychological height/awareness is needed for this in momentary (parallel intuition nult/blankening -vague drift 'antopial-synct' (extenasistic-link)) - a minimal cautiousness is stated/shown at minimal 'instinctiveness/intuition]

    Syntax : extasic-reflection (mirroring) (vibrancy-nerve-insight /refliction) sensory-reflect (awareness)

    Fear is not always your enemy, fear leads to alleviation.

    [please note author does not support hard drugs at all, only marijuana and legalisation of, and as preventative of harder drug use, something simply needs to be provided for alleviant relief regardless- placing access to an altered state high, would provide a combative ease for wanting harder drug use, an easier means;]


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