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    Tuesday, 12 May 2015

    United and Juliet

    Often with this kind of illness, the person often gets frustrated from an almost draining effect on body and mind due to medications, they control this naturally in themselves by eating food to subdue this feeling of being uncomfortable.

    She leaves the plane with being removed in an almost child-like excitement - mental height is deficient and has formed into this frustrated plateau over time, being constantly subdued - over-exerting the body, tiredness and being cranky are very much the norm' with autism, in this they are subject to outbursts, they can even be threatening, though obviously are in somewhat a blank fear and have no capability to proceed with actions.

    She would have no chance of carrying out threats and often a stern warning can subdue the person completely, they are not that strong in regards to even being of the subject of intimidating - it is simply a child-like state caused often by the very medications, wearing the individual out till has to replace it with food.

    They are often on drugs which can exacerbate compulsive traits, so in this naturally have formed the need for as stated a hot meal as a reliance to help with how they are feeling.

    United - you made wrong decision, hopefully the family gets justice. Not to mention now that because of your actions has increased threat to her life through worldwide media exposure.

    -Further notations :

    The child may have had awareness of terror events, wanted to be something, calculation to raise her height, a need to be more - her stance for suffering with no meal, child-like justice - or was simply how proceeded and had it in thoughts hence evolving this way, being 'of content' when removed - excitable seemingly.

    - 'but you did not give me meal' [my mum is good, my father strong]

    -now is difference -you learn now (my family of good, you of' bad) - being safe amongst excitement.

    My family love me* - [you not win] passengers I see* they nice to me too'- Reactive shock to authority, fear forming a seemingly calm, over-coming, passengers viewing her in attentive regards -  (need/a need) for this attention (exhilaration) - Formed need in attention, subject to thoughts of how passengers and staff react, furthering this in her. 

    Most likely aggravated by staff to points of reference, her knowing her need for this meal (compliance is a must, I must feel better -subject to normalisation, formed routines) perhaps even understanding of the very compulsion in this. Various degree's of recognition, awareness itself - 'how I feel better now' - 'Is that better now?' says family subjectively overtime -possible formed 'appreciations' for this meal.

    [this article is based on the video of her removal from plane shown on Sky News Australia at the time - with no account to, or viewing of possible longer versions and other video's of the incident]

    [Correction : The name of 'the child' was wrongfully stated as 'Juliet'- 'no problem seen in this' -when the actual name appears to be 'Juliette' - I guess not all news is accurate as many are aware..Subjective of use of both or so thought it seems by many news sites, who knows will be more careful in future-maybe..]


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