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Terror Trio - You made your bed - | Australian News and Analysis Terror Trio - You made your bed - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday, 20 May 2015

    Terror Trio - You made your bed

    3 Australians that become a part of ISIS would now like to come home.

    IS simply can not be trusted in the first place. How any compassion has formed on terrorists is beyond me, yes people make mistakes, though IS has already been known to use diversionary tactics in their reign of terror.

    A news network interviewed one of these men, and this interview showed a few reasons to not trust these men, who are simply at a stage of being highly influenced by IS regardless.

    The first point I will mention is twiddling of fingers - which shows hidden intentions, note the calm in this, as if 'I have a plan' -underlying intentions, 'power underlying'

    Terror Trio asks to come home

    Note the 'firmness' and 'calm' in positioning of hands above. underlying spiritual content [being always justifiable, always alleviating oneself with justification/s]. They have not changed, they are at a highly influenced stage regardless.

    IS uses propaganda, this may just be another way to influence the whole, gain support, Australian's being left to directly face this IS individual, change, [IS -diversity] individual of IS may be better, etc. - it may even go as far as this whole thing is planned by IS - media leveling to effect public - levels to perception of how IS is thought about at the root of calculation.

    A basic principal seems to be missed regardless, or at least missed with 'pretense: -certainty' of the general public.

    Is is using levels to form their reach ? What the media casts, what the public faces. A slow progression of spans, levels' to influencing their recruiting and how they are directly thought about, calculation of somewhat reach to gain their support.[subject to leveling, -steps for a persons mind to walk up, to simplify]

    What is this reach effect going to be ?, public faces, 'should we accept them as can change' regardless of the very fact these few are 'high level terrorists' in the first instance. Thought insertion to public 'should we be more acccepting', and in this subject to 'thinking about all angles of this'; forming the leveling to make gains on their desired propaganda reach.

    The public 'questioning' should we be 'sympathetic' ; 'am I wrong not accepting they are possible of change' - the thoughts are gone over none the less, their goal of this influence is reached when is thought not to hold any weight in this, and of this reach.

    Most likely an IS tactic, judging by the calm shown in positioning of hands, would of liked to have seen the interview without covering up their voices simply. If they were at a stage of being against IS, there would not be this calm, or would at least be more fidgety than displayed, this certain calm would not be shown to the extent it was - a underlying 'boldness' - or being of 'brave' of character - which also fits with what was seen of this interview, no sharpness over-tones in their voice or even no sign of the intensity of nerves that would be reflected with a need to 'escape IS' - instead there is a respective calm - 'to ulterior motives extents.

    Regardless of all this, you made your bed, so lay in it - there is no basis for trust of this organisation in first instance and even in jail here they may not be able to be trusted in first place.

    Note the unusual efforts stated for convincing - almost stupidity in sighting their need to be 'legit' , in gaining this trust as shown below:

    Terror Trio Admits

    Similar to stopping the boats - learn' them into not going in first place.

    'Entry denied' 

    Referencing Image :


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