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    Friday, 8 May 2015

    Rachelle Louise - Court Construction

    Rachelle Louise Court Impression Image


    Ten News posted this link on Twitter.

    The individual Rachelle Louise is seen in this video conveying a message to Simon Gittany, a man sentenced for extensive period for throwing his then girlfriend off a balcony.

    She conveyed a message supposedly to show Simon Gittany she is mocking the law it appears in this video, a somewhat 'look at me now suing for defamation'  [the system, 'police' - mindset]

    'Love you Simon' in an almost child-like way in thoughts of 'acting for him' - somewhat borderline delusion, thinking she is well above 'the fray' .

    It has been said she is now studying law, which would probably consist of her reading parts of law books she went down street and got from library, attributes of personality somewhat show she would be limited at achieving this.

    I gather this 'over-reach perception' she has, which may have been formed through herself being in media, and as the perception of reach or negativity, be it - will typically do. A need to achieve, perhaps even thinking she can fight his charge by use of this defamation case. It is somewhat not realistic considering the length of his prison term and nature of crime committed obviously.

    In some regards it is the reflection in media that may have aggravated this in her to some extent, it may have started as natural defence for friend but furthered with her perception of media and public being aware of her, though is somewhat her characteristics as well.

    Spending $300,000+' I believe it was said on an ex-boyfriend seems somewhat unethical considering the charge. Has he from a 'confined, submissive, subdued in cells, fear for future and life' - used her for his gains of being released ? Either purposefully manipulating her into working for his goals by showing 'his heart to great extent', or simply she feels for him under normal human like reactions on him to confinement ? (those who have not been subject to such restrictions before)-

    I am not sure what the visitation and phone calls are, inter-communication between the two are, so really can not answer this.

    It does lean towards somewhat communication between two, and Simon Gittany somewhat influencing her.

    Her need to show compassion for 'the devil' ? Her need to show she cares for him no matter what, 'best'est buddies' - faithful till end no matter what! 'BFF's', 'the ex-girlfriend's need to show cares' - 'best friends forever', her need to perhaps from learning show she still cares no matter what, that she is fighting the somewhat' 'good fight' in his name, or so may be her perception.

    She is fighting for his rights or so thought, then slyly in video makes 'a side note' (apart seemingly from main media addressing) to cheer him up or show she is 'hitting back', somewhat diluted from media reach.

    Rachelle Louise states she is no longer with Simon Gittany

    [Disclaimer: This article is opinion based on Authors known at time references, or be it lack there of references]


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