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    Saturday 30 May 2015

    Adam Good

    A point, within a point.

    Raised by public into needs to support his heritage - having to display/emulate his 'perceived- weaknesses' - what he knows is not going to be seen or perceived as the best fitting image to public, 'sadly his heritage'.

    -through media coverage, public/media furthering into this very need to be of 'respect' to his 'nature', being of descendants, his aboriginal heritage - a height formed through media, activities and events in support of this need to aspire to his heritage, to be of fairness to his commons/knowns 'in this' and make it known there is an issue to how he, or others can be negatively perceived and treated.

    It was obvious extents to being 'not of/the norm'; of celebration of a score in football.

    Almost subjectively 'silly' dancing around to put out a point, an in-instant 'expression' of himself - it was hardly the norm of celebration in football scoring.

    - take offense simply because he looks different than your commons of friends/associations.

    The fact this was taken further as a negative, shows the exact reason of his need in this; to express himself and make his ideals of the public being of a better' known, to set aside differences.

    Simply an in-instant portrayal - that yes was not thought about in 'detail of reactions' - exhilaration of the win/score - none the less there was no issue in doing this, he is simply not in trouble and will not be.

    Well done Adam Goodes, you proved to public the very need to to celebrate your heritage, to show there is a problem in first place; the very negative reactions to an almost endless; 'in poor somewhat spanning public attitudes' degree.

    The very stigma problems were seen in the negative reactions to simplify. Yes, there is a 'major' issue worth fighting for.


    Agreed with pre-planning.

    Time reference :
    (was not easy to target each frame and bad clarity of frames, excuse timing and inexactness

    0.08 - Moves to right at an angle away from goals, before the ball had even been at extent of knowledge of score almost, recognition of the score, knowing where going instantly, what doing.

    Not looking for player to celebrate with, knowing actions

     0.11 - to next instance : 'public viewing/media height; 'uncertainty-  part embarrassment; formation'
     0.11 - 0.12 - reaction to public - fear of how perceived and nerves intensity

    Questioning himself / blank nerve reactions/reactives -arms positioned back defensively posture (without going over further - perhaps 'pin-pointing a crowd member and nerve reaction to' - 'I am')

    0.14 - overcomes this with 'over-expression' against - using a calmest in approach to this, thoughts of being 'of somewhat' familiar to this going to be perceived 'dance' - normalisation of how perceived
    0.15 - thoughts of how perceived; perhaps subject to previous negative of 'monkey etc' - 'an animal' *subjective; lowers arms to combat a common perception on him; furthered into over-expression, how will they perceive this - 

    Under-expression in arms, subduing receiving perceptions, or nerve reaction to crowd / person in crowd

    Right arm indicates 'a nerve' - used as a relaxant formation, having to subdue effect while using the form of expressive power in war dance, right arm 'focus at you, use as targeting, without showing it'

    0.15 - movements indicative of 'perceptive normalisation' - forming control, lessening the effect of how will be perceived 'just in-case' - adaption and use of 'lessening' impact - clap of hands [subject to author not having knowledge of cultural dance customs] but use of lessening impact is existing
    0.18 use of hand movement against possible focusing of be it a negative 'perceived' to him spectator, most likely 'somewhat memory' of past exacerbated this reflection' - a formed need to continue, do it, and make it stand out;

    Shuffles movement, adapts to receiving perceptions, normalisation

    0.19 As media did stated, crowd (previous incidents of crowd negativity reflective) a just due, due to his lessening impacts of this - formed 'over-expression, a release, exhilaration-overcomes'
    0.19 Stares at perhaps the person in crowd

    overexertion direction, jumps up to display 'strength' (subject to being part of war dance possibly) - -seemingly attributes to a level platform in crowd

     'Its done, and expressing this - moves on'

    Counselling is most likely needed for how he is perceived, and how he feels he is 'realistically' perceived by 'enough' people to impact him, recognition of people perceiving his facial structures /skin negatively - seemingly negative commentary against him as many know; may have formed this, I gather he deals with a lot of crap. 

    Did not realise how serious the issues against him were. Almost seemingly forming a belief 'in negative resolve' that he is 'an animal' (of sorts*)

    Further: A need to combat how he is perceived. 

    [for those that assume are not like this, do not be so sure, everyone has issues - yours yes, may be much worse, assuming they are not, is wrong in its context and recognition of] 

    -further notations are on analysis page :


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