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    Friday 15 August 2014

    Mr Hockey

    Analysis - Telling not the whole truth is lying still .

    1:) "And yet , And yet" = Over expression , feels his words are not getting across , disconcerted [recent public criticism possibly] Learnt to over-describe .

    2:) "The poorest people" = Pauses here and thinks about "in sighting" the poorest people , now tries to be careful

    3:) "Either don't have cars" = Decides to continue on , blank thought here

    4:) "Or actually , Don't drive very far in many cases" = Pushes head forward for re-assurance , realises what about to say may be misconstrued , enforces speech , re-aligns speech [possible cover to cover mistake]

    After this you can see he gets nervous (use of hand signals to express , gain supportive) may' be frustration with expression of points (having to be careful) Says "you know" to make up for mistake , expression /wanting empathy towards self [possible realisation] - over expression Shifts in speech 'their opposing , what is meant to be , according to treasury' : three variations ; shows nervousness in speech [starts saying ah , ah - follows on with ah , ah ah] Signs of being effected by previous speech (impact point - distractive focus)

    Focus starts to drift . Basically finds "blame" points - connected well (typical nervous defences) (fear aggravation) Overlay : Careful speech , over description (shows been given distrust etc) Unseen Overlay : Nerves/nervous , focus drift (acting is good makes up for it like many) confidence in parts of "aware" topics - attempts to be specific when thoughts are in-specific on harder to describe/explain context (does not realise everyone is like this ) over-confidence/arrogance (possibly formed from being criticised so often) [limits appearance of arrogance with pleasantries ] , Values his self worth . But honestly he "knows" he was put on spot on camera (felt aware of this - felt unfairness) So denied , like a child would (everyone is childlike if over-informate) (stubborn 'maybe') The public is aware of "reactions" - learnt from their social communications' and Influence's , hence most likely cause for public outcry .

    Many of these factors are typical human behaviour's , though around such 'heightening' , 'nervousness/carefulness' ; camera's , Parliament and many other factors of public/political life , I seriously doubt he is 'personalised' [viewing angle, perspectives] with things like poverty , low income restrictions , mental health and it's restrictions , his own circles are 'biased' on belief of hard work for financials , he may also be religious and his religion dilutes his path to his position
     (example : 'gods will' instead of thinking plainly 'the luck/lucky' for example)

     ; on this he may feel his position is deserving  , he may feel he has right to 'power over others' , yes he apologised but is he really thinking 'I made a mistake with speech you critic '/inferiors' , you bludgers never seen a day of work in your life' - example only... based on how someone can be a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' , how does he really perceive people relying on money when his surrounding circles are overachievers , is he actually aware that not everyone has ability to think at higher levels ; learning capacity , necessary medications , thought accuracy , thought acuity even how one is perceived 'ugly' , 'many factors' disable a persons ability to achieve on these typical forms of study/business/platforms that have been created . Further

    Notes : Someone on TV/Media mentioned 'hindsight' , hindsight is more narrowed than thought to be 'thoughts are only singular' , simply a poisons delusion (industrial age pollutes and chemicals)  ; a few thoughts linked gives 'one' thought of 'greater than' or even 'absolute' (when you think this way, it holds a factor when spoken on the subject matter to interpretation of your original thoughts and follow-on thoughts, and in this it holds a value in being difficult' to recognise) - a typical mind alleviation [defensive/learning processing] /memory impact ghosting (example : computer data and recovery there of) ; or not perfect neurology/biology of some kind . Do not mistake hindsight with "instinct" or psychological awareness and typical learning processing of how one is perceived or on the spot "fear aggravation" or cautiousness for that matter .


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