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    Sunday 3 August 2014

    Children In Detention

    Children in Detention Australian Represenation Image

    Some notations I assembled that are often not mentioned or thought about in total :

    Boat : Presence of guns "fear aggravation" , uncertainty (put in closed space: does not help with alleviation) Long trip "tired" less sleep , incomplete sleep patterns ( plateau's long term , thought recognition's /memory's "negative "impact points/focuses"" , heightened scenario impacts .

    Spacial Rift : Noticing gate/fence , thoughts based on enclosed: restrictive (you are wrong) : (abuse creation : self negativity creation, religious thoughts : self sacrifice ) Thoughts focus on enclosure (activities overtime will only slightly distract) height differentiating between them and gates/fences . Control lacking "aware of this" ; furthered "continued thoughts on these aspects" Creating "vulnerability acting"/behavioural: leading to thinking one is "actually" special , thinking its unfair from mothers/fathers communications "noticing fear/attempts to overcome" parents describing situation to staff "noticing the "fight" : "fairness" overcomes" creation of "awareness of undue/unfairness" causes further distress : attempts of child to distract themselves (less enjoyment in activities than usual) "overlays" : Feeling entrapment (can compensate with activities , lack there of ) spacial restrictive focusing . Thoughts of having "restrictives" (gates/fence) "knowledge": not how the typical Australian lives , heightened state creation/ thought of having to overcome (poor living - "move on attitudes") told before trip it will be better life "in thoughts" (passes through thoughts) comparing what told to how living (thoughts of fence/gate: entrapment)

    Crucial stage of "learning processing" : learning about restrictions on them (constrictive feeling - creation of apparent mental health issue) closeness to trauma in adults (noticing arguments, friction) closeness to surrounding sexuality (when usually would be/thought to be : distant) How to react : unfairness learning "why am I wrong" , behavioral impacts

    (child awareness of mother) : "noticing distress" , "aggravation" , "over care" towards them) Noticing (workers/officers of detention centres attitude : "why restrictive , why care/empathy care/limitations in compassion towards them (do not get too close rules)) ( staff having to keep a mainly professional distance - split impact 'care/restrict' - causes an appearance of uncertainty towards them , noticing this , portraying it themselves in certain ways/behaviour : emulation/aspire - impacts on surrounding adults and so on...continuation) Noticing sadness / mood instability in parents/adults (impacts on them) maybe even the parents/adults less able to deal with their "attention seeking" :constant thought hammering /frictions created , even noticing parents out-lash at them "fright creations/fear" "heightened states over-time" leading to instability in moods / focuses on negativity "self awareness of this".

    Memory fragmented from enclosure /fright/fear etc limiting thought acuity , memory's impact constantly , recollection of events a constant thing "restrictive" - trauma creating part unawareness/awareness "gaps in memory" trying not to remember "thought avoidance" , effecting capacity of thoughts that control behaviour

    Adults / What children see in them 

     Adults : Knowledge of unfairness , feeling "hopes dashed" at first surrounded by military (height , fear) knowledge being/going to be locked up [lack/feeling out of control] (maybe even some think is  good /food/care : overtime "things normalise" lose appeal  (anger , retribution : creative) Feeling trapped "natural defending oneself" (thoughts the "animal" : references mind thought to things like : example: "panda in cage" feeling understandable with it) Constant references in thought,  Long term entrapment creating ""restrictives": (knowledge/awareness) in thought" , Overtime getting used to fenced in , naturally "hopeless" "sadness" out of control of life thinking . (anger, retribution as mentioned) Creation of depression/trauma "thought instability/frictions"


    Further notations :

    Jail like conditions/spacial awareness : Leave a person "spacially constricted" , if you put a person in a coffin or small box (bad example...) they experience fear , panic , claustrophobia , they will kick and scream as well . This is the same to lesser degree with a slightly open box , a detainee camp , it may seem like open space but overtime things normalise (including the space that surrounds you) They are forced to accept space around them , though from the learning to accept/struggle it memory impacts and becomes like a stain (a subconscious awareness of limitation/constriction) , you/they : become adaptive to the space limitations (forced to accept confinement) (animals in captivity often experience behavioural changes /do not want to mate...etc.) Different levels of knowledge also create trauma , if you are aware of awareness factors and/or psychology' itself , then spacial impacting is much more significant and torturous (these things need to be taken into consideration , the current system is generalised , therefore inhumane) Spacial restrictives / confinement limitations and awareness can overtime effect psychological layers (how one is perceived) and leaves one open to directive psychology (doctors with field of view/information direction/limitations/lacks of whole perspective at once)

    Restrictives/constriction will also narrow a persons perspective (focus) cause "friction/elevation" of state of mind  and cause limitations in ability to explain /defend oneself intellectually. It makes me wonder with detainees if they medicate them with anti-psychotics (forms of sedation) , as this may appear to numb therefore help , but in turn "blind" a person / narrow whole focus / effect thought acuity . I personally would not be surprised if the person they mention that was handed over to authorities was "forced" &/or wanted/needed something eg: was put on sedatives (anti-psychotics) if so , this person after the trauma at sea + then in detainment and if given sedatives [which cause forced sedation states / displacement / uncomfortability] having not been use to the medication and being constricted in a spacially limited area , would of reacted to "uncomfortability" that medication "forces" itself on mind - only valium should be prescribed in detention to alleviate anxiety from claustrophobic issues (not anti-psychotics - that can often as the manufacturers have to note on their websites cause anxiety issues / frigidness) These people are not psychotic as explained , they are spacially constricted (a constant knowledge/awareness of a limitation : that being their surrounding space , /their need for comfort zone/limitations in this , there is no comfort zone available in prisons/detainment as your thoughts are focused on a "restriction")  Confinement creates "spacial distancing" victims [the distance between/how you perceive distance] mainly from constant thoughts on the distance between you and the space/barrier/wall/gate ; creating a thought stain/focus and/or subconscious awareness , overtime effecting how you perceive distance in the space surrounding .

    Attention seeking in detainees : Lack of knowledge in own countries about how the journey really is "the hardships" , being "sold" an idea on new life, subject to typical type sales tactics "over-glorifying" : being mis-lead/mis-directed ; this can cause a fight state "knowledge of own unfairness assigned/being assigned" the struggle , over-time for some the idea of "better life in detainment" normalises , repetitive routines , daily norms . Trying to change their plight "knowledge of limitations /war on boats' from media , using their only means to fight for what they perceive as their survival .

    Compassion on detainees : The government is treating this as war , their "focus" is war on boats , creates an "overlook" with their statements on public , how public perceives their statements , passing idea to majority that it's ok to treat people like this (even though they are often left with no choice but "change" to avoid their situation) "Distractions" from Liberals at moment ; you say heartless , they say to avoid death's , it becomes a left to right information war , both sides using "manipulative perception/perceived" statements , creates a height "leveling on topic current information base" ; often over-looking how Australians/Government should be treating detainees (humanity formed into - avoiding death's at sea , humanity not considered as result on how detainees live . War on boats , becomes war on humans in the camps to 'apparent': show not worth trip) These people that make trip are vulnerable , obvious from how mis-lead into making trip . Limiting their comfort for political gain /the war on boats /to save lives - yes , war is always used to 'save lives' the few effected to save the majority  (politicians are leaving the these days "quite a number" of Australian's that dislike and or are racist towards multi-culture with a heightened voice so to speak , the few influencing a few others)

    Information has positive and negative angles , you can use information in any way you like , you can find information to support or oppose most subjects (often "manipulating or creating an 'angle spin' on in-formatives") can create confusion/uncertainty in public , then the mind decides (alleviates itself) and creates a specific focus , often with narrowed perspective (lack of all in-formatives at once/whole) Thoughts/thinking is quite singular (whole perspective , seems unattainable , media based on current notables , government focuses on current media/public reactions , learning is limited amongst a majority of public too (note having to read off monitors in media often , thought connectivity is brilliant , but still people need reminding constantly )

    Enough said .
        Yet they actually wonder why self harm happens..
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