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    Sunday 10 August 2014

    Animal Cruelty

                          Channel 7 Animal Cruelty


    An image I viewed on FaceBook on a "Seven News" post

    Defintion from Google :



    cruel behaviour or attitudes.

    "he has treated her with extreme cruelty"


    brutality, savagery, savageness,

    inhumanity, barbarism, barbarousness, brutishness,

    bloodthirstiness, murderousness, viciousness, ferocity,

    ferociousness, fierceness; More


    behaviour which causes physical or mental harm to another,

    "she divorced my stepfather for persistent cruelty"

    especially a spouse, whether intentionally or not.

    "Normalisation" :

    My comment on this post was basically "If you get bored of people and argue , you are probably going to get bored of animals"

    Simply , things "normalise" overtime and lose appeal especially if you do not have many things to focus on .

    This is an all too common occurrence these days , people procuring an animal for loneliness reasons , attention seeking (appearance to others) - and many other often deluded reasons I have not mentioned . You should get an animal for the experience of caring for the animal , your focus should be on improving the animal and the animals existence .

    I would say that most of these "animal cruelty" cases , are drugs/medication related ; example: weed - altered reality , altered perception , simply being [spacially distanced - distance between you and actuality] effects control of behaviour , it can alter your mood , it can heighten/diminish your state and leave one susceptible to being frustrated easy .

    Animals require a lot of attention , they can "Not" understand our language often just our "tone implications & behaviour" , if you think your animal is constantly at you [requiring attention , pestering you] then you should probably not keep your pet , if feeding becomes a problem [normal care for your animal] ; you feel like its an effort to feed your animal , that is ; will cause you to get "frustrated" so you are constantly avoiding these type of issues , seek help it is your issue ; not the animals , you probably should "Not" have kids either as their level of attention seeking is much higher (if you are annoyed at this as well , its probably because you know I am right in what saying)

    Drugs , be it weed , speed , will diminish your ability to handle animals/kids attention seeking (their needs) ; alcohol also being a depressant , so will cause resistance in body [restrictives from a force sedation , downer] as your body attempts to "deal with" poisons it can cause you to be more susceptible to everyday norms , this is usually due to weakness it causes in your mind (hence your mind alleviates itself ; thinking something is advanced , greater than really is ; coping mechanism , thoughts slowed or impaired ; lag )

    Example : If you overtime get bored with friends , or smoke a lot being tobacco or drugs (causes smoking impatience) if you need a rush (effects blood pressure , ability to stay stable mentally/physically) start judging your friends

    (overtime realise they are doing things silly , things you do not agree with : normal human interpretation of others behaviour over time ; which you are not taking into account) start having a need to stir them up (creating verbal assault for instance ; to observe their reaction/s ) If you notice someone's nerves [nervous] and try "playing" on it , "taking advantage of someone more vulnerable" , then you should not get an animal and should not have kids either for that matter .

    If you are one of these people who for example hate cats , you just are not aware of behaviour and intelligence in the animal , example ; scared awareness , fear reactive , wanting your attention (out of care/love for you) , you probably are just very blunt with knowing forms of intelligence .

    - Cats for example can suffer abuse from the owner and still show care towards the owner , its not stupidity either , its simply compassion and the need they have for compassion (purring when pat them is a sign of this) "pets", cats and dogs are very sensitive to their owners and their owners emotional needs as well (though still have a mind of their own) They are thinking , breathing and certainly are capable of thought , they learn trust and distrust , they can also be trained as you are already aware .

    If you are one who abuses animals , you are most likely are just blunt with behaviour recognition and do not have capacity to learn well , also noticing "nerves" and "being scared" in an animal is barely the start of behaviour recognition , for those who assumed like many they simply "know better of this" .

    Get it through your head those who abuse animals , you are simply not the God's of psychology, quite a distance from it actually.


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