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    Friday 22 August 2014


    Facebook News Australia

    Facebook is a controlled information war, as well as many other social media sites, but my focus in this post is the one being bigger in size in comparison to rest,  Facebook.
    Awareness on how you post : Ever feel you got be careful ? How will your viewers/friends "perceive" your statements ?

    Your Friends List:
    Like all communication forms there is restrictions, unless your de-sensitised to caring about what others think (no care to others , be it drug altered reality states or medication, or what not) but the majority want to maintain their friends list, Facebook drives you to collect friends like 'statistics' a 'number' how many friends you have, 'who has more friends' , many often feeling some "alleviation" that they have more than someone else , often adding people they do not know well, this is competitive marketing, it keeps you striving for more, (hence keeping your attention focused on Facebook) Adding people you do not know well also can effect your privacy in some instances .

    Descriptions :
    Unlike Twitter, Facebook allows you to post large amounts of your current focus 'information' , hence you can detail not only your current statement, but you can also post furthered parts to your statement to 'explain' yourself, your reasons for how you came to that conclusion, often references, though Twitter does not allow these types of detailed references or works by restricting them, Twitters focus is on inaccuracy furthering, while Facebook is based on 'descriptive' furthering, both having it's pro's and con's, both have an ability to further your posting .

    Facebook is probably the worlds biggest information gatherer, though I am not sure if they are aware of this (possible , maybe marketing ploy) people describe every 'impact moment' if they are an active user, things that effect them the most, happy moments to complete sadness . You notice your friends/likes in an almost 'fight state' for their beliefs or information, you then emulate (this is only one example) one can effect the whole , or the whole can effect the one, but back to over-description, you are sometimes taken wrong, lose friends, then learn to describe yourself better or simply in some cases learn to be less descriptive because are perceived or taken wrong . Constant over-describing gives appearance of 'weakness' , but if you under describe you can be taken wrong (leaves gaps for information misinterpretation, or simply some perceiving your statements/posts inaccurately) example : short statements can be seen as vanity , confidence and often judged that way , hence effecting how someone can even react or perceive you in future - Many will often learn overtime to not write much on their timelines to give a submissive impression , distancing speech others see ; to create an impression of formality or being strong in some way .

    Information Competition :
    Facebook creates an atmosphere, you are thrown your likes directly, hence if you have point to say, you will want to express it . People are child-like, they often in life have people judge their intelligence ; work-place levelling, awareness of media height, awareness of own situation being worse than others, people always assume they know better than the other, they learn or train themselves to think this way, often thinking their 'awareness' is above others, often formed from their hardships [or influences] as they learn to think this way to alleviate themselves - protect their own mind.

    People assume regardless of their position in life or training they are special, they have so called 'secret' abilities (often formed by religious influences , regardless if believe in religion or not) This is actually a very child-like state for most , formed from parental babying issues in some cases, example : my special little boy/girl , treating a child as a baby 'your baby' makes a child 'emulate' they are the baby, emulation is very common even in adults just less noticeable, back to information competitiveness, people always assume their information is more impacting than another's ('likes' system does not help this) the individual always assumes they are 'capable of more' , people tend to assume from this 'information competition' regardless of how many likes they get ; they are 'the God of psychology' , often relating analysis of nerves in a person's text, not as forthcoming or blunt as others - abrupt or more careful, unfocused anger, to their own higher 'awareness' , you need to be aware this is actually only the start of behavioural analysis . - You should also be aware in saying this , you are special, everyone is,  and I certainly do not want you to feel down about yourself, do not focus on information negatively it creates all sorts of issues.

    Regardless of you not being the God of psychology, you should always strive to stay positive, therefore it is ok to think of yourself at same time as 'god-like' though even this will create complication, every mind-set does .

    Most commentators on Facebook media/news/actors/music posts will de-crypt your words, look for missing in-formatives then perhaps use them against you if they do not support what you have to say, or will specify your name for instance then pretend to follow you on certain points but have their own hidden agenda, this comes in all forms and all types of manipulations (you can figure out the 'not stated' from the basic descriptions)

    You should also be aware 'mind defensiveness' and 'alleviations' play a part, people are forced into thinking about how ones post will be taken, some will just respond with a 'blunted' word stab (can be their attitude or influence's) or be effected by elevation of comments they are opposed to, often causing frustration and an attack with often frustrating results, as explained there is many variations to this changing with nature of person and current subject matter .

    Information on Facebook becomes competitive, the strive for your comments greatness (often comparatively with others) , hence keeping your focus on Facebook itself .

    Editing a comment, people notice the edited status on your comment and will often react negatively as result or even ignore/disregard, users realise this and tend to not edit even though may need to be edited .

    Media/Celebrities learn to limit their statements/posts, even if will be perceived or taken wrong, they realise better to let thoughts go 'astray' than to be susceptible/vulnerable 'more so' to critics, It can leave it open to in-specifics and in-specific furthering (How the user perceives the post language, wording and subject matter)

    People/pages with heightened influential ability's have to be careful of how their post will be perceived by different groups/users, calculation of every response is impossible though and leaves a few being criticised for various reasons though generally if these heightened users do not interact much with their users they can avoid backlash so they tend to avoid direct conversations for this reason .

    Often users are very self-conscious of their posts and tend to be very 'stuck up/strict' about wording (previous learning of negative response) , often leads to thinking their impact is greater than it really is or 'vice versa', some will also learn to simplify their posts or downgrade its impact to effect how they will be perceived, to show they are not strict or uptight for instance .

    When you post on news sites, actors or anyone that holds a height of any kind, you can often expect that the post gets a few likes (even if you think it will not, it is in back of your mind that it could get a few likes or even go viral this is all part of Facebook) though unless type according to the current conversation/topic relevancy :example ; a news post against a crime, so you need to show you are against the stated crime, if you state their could be issues [your opinion - that negates the topic in some way or flow] then this typically will cause problems with other posters deciphering your post to discredit you, you can also post in negative regards to the topic or a view that explains good reason to be against or you pick up on flaws with the conversation/topic, you may do this to heighten without being aware of it, or you may just be trying to gain exposure with a negativity angle you use in your post . You may also post with support of topic with trying to effect or create an outcome, many variations to this .

    - There is different levels, but the majority of people will like 'bluntness' in posts ; example : Recently I noticed a post about Star Trek 3 with 460+ likes on 'I just Shatner'ed my pants' due to topic explaining that William Shatner may be in the Star Trek 3 movie . This all depends on the sort of crowd that the posts or page attracts, though often if you remember to type "fandom's" (popular based comments/posts based on majority finding it plausible) then you may have more chance to increase your likes, though often these commentators are all about their image in their comment so this is not something to support often driven by 'vanity' or a selfish need to appeal to the conversation and this can be for many reasons ; for example : problems in their life, or a need to heighten their standing, many reasons, for instance ; the Star Trek posts are viewed as being geeky, so this 'bluntness' with Shatner comment appealed to this particular image created, obviously die hard Star Trek fans of William Shatner would not be the majority of the 460+ likes, the majority of likes may have been by users who felt they were geeky by watching Star Trek or particularly people who may not even like Star Trek or William Shatner for some reason as a whole, there is a few angles but you get the gist of it .

    Levels :
    There is different levels on Facebook you should be aware, media/TV being the highest level (the most impacting) but a close next is 'heartfelt' imagery, a picture with information that gives impression its 'unknown' information, hence these images are shared so often, you should be aware this can go on forever (often people forgetting each one) , no one can reach complete 'knowledge' and these are usually just 'language/information manipulations' based on how one thinks, taking advantage of 'instantaneous thought' hence creates impression it is useful to user or others, sometimes taking advantage of compassion with cuteness or unfairness (example : image with mistreated human/animal) these information pictures are simply designed to follow on, brainwashing a majority/minority with thought creatives, altering how a majority thinks and feels . It is a common belief that these images are 'relevant' but often are in-specific and designed to cause follow on thoughts that are simply misleading, for instance statements that cause praise towards itself (the image) to make the image popular . Often people use these images to influence how people treat them or think of themselves, often these people are not treated well, or simply want to further or create an 'image' of themselves, often not fully aware people can realise this already .

    Each Facebook user has levels, how much importance to assign to each news feed or each user, how you perceive 'analyse' each feed/friend to be of importance, it often leaves people open to being a victim of 'assumptions' or 'in-specific follow on thoughts/ thought inaccuracy' , simply your mind dreams during day as well, it adds up "singular" points /history of a user and makes an assumption based on this , though often is incorrect as the person you are judging often does exactly the same thing . (creating levelling , heights or lack there of height, or knowledge of lack of height - its goes on and on) This is another reason why arguments often occur on Facebook, reading into language complexities written, to interpret ; how someone actually feels about you, how someone has pre-judged you, often you will not bring this up with the person/user otherwise it creates further problems [further distrust (being annoyed with you) , further negative perceptions including spite]

    Often you can be aware of your posts and their reach, for instance if you comment on a few news posts this can often heighten your state of mind due to being aware of possible reach or negativity that may come from your post, this will also keep your checking the follow on replies . This overlay of your comments, can cause stress and may lead itself to sensitivities in yourself (viewing angles , post reach)

    Facebook Victims:
    As explained you probably have the gist of it by now but do not compete with others comments, it will simply lead to fights and you can be charged (friction, height, anger, misinterpretations, irrelevance, levelling of argument, fear aggravation, in-specifics, raised blood pressure and narrowing perspective - making it hard to move on - the list goes on, it will also be taken wrong perceived wrong by authorities) If you want to actually listen to my advice, delete your Facebook and stay off it , it's not private "at all" obviously and as I noticed recently advertising on Facebook, ads can be targeted at you hence effecting you in different ways, your information is used 'even though they describe it being robotic information collection' - in my opinion also Facebook is possibly the biggest murderer in world apart from media forms, like TV, music and/or governments thought influencing . Facebook information competitiveness will also make you feel down about your intelligence (creation of intelligence complex) also do not assume knowing this information will help you 'thoughts are singular whole focus on every possibility or outcome is not possible' for a normal living individual any ways , though is closer the more strategic minds you employ : example : military/government etc.)

    Anti-Western Bans :
    Certain countries ban Facebook, obviously because will encourage western influence and ideals, giving their people a 'further fight for what is right' as social media tends to form, these countries want ultimate control so have to limit this, they may need to do this but I am not certain on this as there is lack of media coverage on issues in these countries, unless sift through documentaries which can also be limited, there is also language barriers and also borders and control of borders, even westernised regions tend to like a 'gap' between their country and others for control and limit the others influences .

    Lacks of Knowledge :
    As usual people become a victim to "lack of knowledge" , not knowing all the factors for instance on their thought processing and behaviour resulting ; how Facebook effects them and their individual interpretation, also ability to retain this knowledge or action it is a factor in some cases (example : mental health medications and people generally with memory loss or impairments)

    *The information contained in this post is only general and not in complete form ; it is typically designed only to help you think about your actions and help increase perspective.


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