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    Wednesday 6 August 2014

    Controversy & Terror

    Australian Terrorist Iraq
    Controversy and Terror

    The image 'yes' is impacting , terrorists "designing" terror , it should never of have been displayed in media/news .

    Some people will be against law and order and it will cause "payback" thoughts/thinking , justification for the pain they are surrounded in , though obviously there is a fine line between freedom of speech/information and the impact caused (majority vs minority)

    The majority are/were being "displaced" at the very least from the gore of it in some way (and some even may be happy , sadistic or even feel down as result - many emotional reactions )

    I am sure these images and statements associated did cause fright/terror reactions for general population or at least "elevation" of sorts , though not because they were scared of being harmed or killed ,   which the majority are unaware of this capability unless have experienced some form of victimisation or hardships against themselves , 'being' disconnected from the reality of it  . Media will not be effected as much either  (closeness to this type of news/ informatives) - like standing next to a picture to see it , instead of in front of it [viewing angle/s] You can believe in what you say and know about it , but often its not direct thought insertion like public faces (the current informative that's being assigned )

    Information can appear "new" and wholesome knowledge to retain to the typical Australian who maintains a lower level "child-like innocence"  and they interpret the influencial form be it 'news' in their own way , some/others just being too busy to properly think about the effect or implication, but it is still more impacting to the typical Australian who is not a public figure , influencing & levels , informatives from a "knowingly/aware of a" - heightened source .

    It is directly displayed on Australian's social/media/news platforms and seen and observed by the typical Australian who follows news to some extent . It can cause large impacts and even heightens one into displaying reactions and/or like many on Facebook for example , sharing/share information they perceive to be "gospel knowledge", Eg. 'my thoughts/knowledge are more impacting than rest' , a common delusional assumption these days with humanity  - people are often obnoxious , self-centred  and look for missing informatives (information they perceive to be/or credit on the subject , when often its just another knowledge angle) (descriptions/information competitiveness)  Facebook is simply a controlled information war .

    The picture/picture's with verbal , caused a "fight" state , what is "right" and the need to fight for what is right or 'just'.

    These terrorists are typical manipulators of future outcomes , publicity and reactions . I am sure they are not really thinking about recruitment , "more" recruitment to them being an attempt to cause the impact/fear  - knowledge of recruitment to public itself . (fear elevation - it's impact 'for example') More publicity for cause . (religious ideals can be part of this)

    They are not concerned with drip feeds of recruitment, they are attempting to impact the majority , the knowledge some are easily mis-lead , astray from government and the beleif of order , many will be effected even if do not act on it (negativity towards law/government) Creation of future attitudes . These terrorists do not consider one life to be impacting (example : suicide bombers , murdering )

    They are trying to target people who 'have' attitude , have been easily influenced by "media forms" , hardcore image and negative attitude's of all kinds, but also the impact of war and how 'tough' or 'impacting' someone's childhood was and in schooling (long term memory impact/memory ghosting) , they are obviously targeting and impacting on all types of vulnerabilities  , easily influenced people (weakened mind states, physicality )

    The few that appear in media attempting to head overseas , will be broadcasted in media "influencing more than the few" , its simply gaining support through publicity rotations and communications as result/s .

    These terrorists or suspects of terror could be thinking about future reactions (as people in hardship/effected by law circles seem to do) They could even think like , example : violence shown , imagery/thoughts , reaction - tightened security , then media then "the fight" to protect privacy (obviously also gains publicity momentum, impacting on law and governing)

    They are using "the Australian" , the common , the "known to us" and the "alienated from society" to cause effect and outcome , could even go as far as causing social out-casting problems (possible directives for "mass" recruitment , certainly not a drip feed that they would be after) They are after chaos/terror , the images being of impacting nature , provocation - even the PM Tony Abbott had a say , what more publicity do you want .

    Use of Australian media and knowing the impact it will cause , from a terrorist , is not terrorism ?

    A world of controversy to effect/control outcome or wants . It's like Eminem all over again , except Eminem has passed by , this is the new controversial heightening , without any thought to Eminem's controversy impacts (or people with heightened influential controls )

    How far do you take "security measures" though , a world where all mistakes humans make from typical learning processes become against law ? This is where it has been gradually heading , laws are created all the time due to security needs , or you could simply say laws are made up all the time .

    *Note : Thursday 7th August - Sky News Australia , 9.24am (around)
    The 'acting Greens leader' is too right with what described 'brilliantly' on Am Agenda on Sky News this morning , presumption of innocence or treating everyone like a suspect (a generalisation people are doing wrong and/or not innocent formed from mass police psychology impacts - dealing with specifically those who commit crime - narrowing perspective) comes down to direct/directive psychology and narrowed field of focuses and viewing angle .


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