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    Wednesday 10 April 2019


    Linear edge tropic


    Synaptic-edge, ANXIT* - Forwarding-verge (distan*) human repression edge 'tropic' of singular or mass (spatial/spacic strinct* ;the gathering)

    Spasic-vergant*; refliction 'peak illust; following trail', consious-impacting (parallelum; non-cognition formant, symatose drift)

    Tropic, alienation (psych connection). ANXIETY. The tropic point of being uncomfortable, Sy edge.

    Axial displacement, globic reversionsl synct forwarding. Spacic; NET anti-connectivity [structural SY plateau weakening, reversion collapse;] Resistan-level-depressing

    Distant abruption /distiant; 'engine functioning'

    Mental reversion is forwarding/formant -inner keying, siprient-absorption (assist/assistant, pathing)
    [Synaptic Displacement]

    A Problem: Non-cognition gaping and furtherant' distan' (thoughts on future or past) spacing. Fear reflect - Cognition stretch and targeting, receptibility; long term anti-recept, null point overtime 'cognitive spacing'. It seems like the person has more thought acuity/accuracy than they actually do.

    Thought Actuality: 
    Height of thought actual, of belief state of resolute height of, to exist - conscious height of the actual being of a resolute of existence, to be of the actuality state of exist itself. A form of presentation on future, to imply/apply the existing. A high form of controlling; the attentiveness/adhesiveness/adaptive of controlling through element of furtherance. (Co-existent prium) 

    Structural cohesive height of mental conscious state. [point of effective reach, distinct/distance/instance effective, the instantaneous momentary/momentarium -a lapse of time, outer-consciousness, the instance of; revolving of spacial instancing]

    [Psychtro-tricip Height - Psycho-tropic Height]

    Explanation: The point of mental reaching, mental is not on the plateau of function and resists. Combinate disarray, effectual resistant (structural) Off mental platform.

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