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    Tuesday 23 April 2019

    Design of Life

    Intelligent Design

    Life itself, its ability to reproduce, talk and more - alien design?

    From the ability to hold something, to walk or traverse, financing systems to replenishment; it is not thought about the complication of how possible evolving this way is.

    The design of life - the many existing features of humanity, most likely created by an intelligence.

    The life to interact or progress; it was not just random coincidental that we evolved to communicate and learn, the ability to high functions.

    Does this planet have an intelligent design? All life formation and inter-living are calculated at being of the impossibility of natural formation. [too advanced with humanity and its ways to be natural]

    It is very plausible that life was created by aliens - intellectual formation. (Unless you believe in God, which a God could be seen as a technological accomplishment, no offence meant.)

    All the space in space itself and our planet supposed to be only one we can see that evolved into bodies that think, move and interact, no, life is created by power.

    Furthered Speculate: Technological based destinating on our lives, everything is planned for us - time is deficit, our paths in life are seen as common lanes, the military knows what's going to happen when it does. [overlord, a matrix perhaps, 'signaling' and mental health is a control point]

    -This theory has been discussed before, some other information you might like: 


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