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    Thursday 21 March 2019


    Conscious time span, awareness of; normalisation of mental surrounds. [Conscious trace electo fixture, Sy-tunnel]

    You have been in your home for a lengthy period, your focus is on your environment; calculative risk of crime increases; security of; normalisation being the killer.

    Be aware of your outer world, viewing perspective of outer. Regardless, this is common with domestic violence - you have to see you're conscious of other than your realm.

    Awareness of key surrounds, TV, Computer, perhaps children or animals. (this levels the conscious awareness) Your focal points distance you from the outer. Each vision of; distance levelling. [example: TV point: non-reception-furthering, Dog point: second layer; ocular-distan (eye focal point fixture)]

    Conscious seconds on the vision of points, normalising surrounds - disruption of spaces (length, weakening) as to matter of objects. (e-stasis/vibrancy envelopment, the gathering of conscious matter and disruptional direction; outlet) (pets and children: Psy in-warding, platem/plateau resistan, SY field) [movementate-pathing, linear objectivity, vibrancy repeat and furthering]

    Geo-squaring multiplied Furthering.

    Spatial-Distance; the distancing implied in living distan [time life, strinct]

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