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    Friday 12 April 2019

    Julian Assange (updated)

    Update 23/05/2019:
    Julian has been silenced really, not his WikiLeaks but his persona in media. We have been expecting his arrest one day, and it happened, so the point has become mute. The media has not focused on his detention as it is very typical, 52 weeks inside which nothing really can be seen so it is silenced. The Judge accused him of being a greedy kid basically -which was a highlight for the time spent in the captive embassy, to be expected and we mainly relate to this being partially true due to him getting away with avoiding the law.  It is though particularly tough for him going from 8 years of sheltered life to a jail cell literally, he will not do so well because of this prior encasement and strive for luxuries probably not being met in the embassy.


    Embassy Living. a few factors that may not be considered.

    Overtime restrictions in embassy normalise; Assange would consider taking risks for free uses (internet, security etc.) faced thoughts on being expelled, going over in mind factors like risking leaving, facing near expulsion for creature comforts (disruption with each need)

    Day by day facing the fear of public height of detainment; a tropic of fear, in the small embassy (comparative bubble /space to media height); 'vulnerability' - considerate of his own vulnerability.

    Health would deteriorate, the vitality of course.[weakness] Signs of depression may exist as well. [spatially confined day by day as a media star, 'furthered reach']

    Repression, time spent in-warding then exiting 'narrowed mental perspective' (outwarding fixture resulting, spatial release/fear)

    Out and To Court
    Judgemental of not enough support; causes a scene, need to act out, show traumatic actual on to come events, even though faced this over and over which can sometimes make it worse. [neural pathing tracing impacting/stasis' -the memory of such focus in past, impacting thoughts prior]

    Judge sees the positioning of charges only, focus on current breach of bail less compassionate on 'the outlaying of actuality' -current charge faced. One of the very few that find a way around the law (vision/perspective on 7 years being against the system)

    Summed Up
    I guess he could not stay living in the embassy, it was killing him slowly mentally and physically and maybe he needs to face the music some will say, after being the escape artist in media for so many years now he is seen to 'just' be getting a comeuppance in public eyes generally. I guess spending 5 years in jail is better than living his life in the embassy at this stage, but...I was one of the ones who suggested he should go to the embassy before he did -eventually you have to leave its not great living in the end. In reality, Julian is probably now after time confined and what faced in embassy a mental health case.

    This post is in editing over-time.


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