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Darwin Shooting (War-frame and War-fame) - | Australian News and Analysis Darwin Shooting (War-frame and War-fame) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 5 June 2019

    Darwin Shooting (War-frame and War-fame)

    Conclusive: He asked for help before he committed the act or so reported in the news, so most likely he rationalised to commit the act because could not get help -a direct link of attributing (seen justice, excusive' rationalisation) Told the people/court he asked for help (thought out rational prior) [Thought-forward of not being able to get help, interpret].

    --- To be honest, it takes quite a complexity of priors in thought to rationalise that committing such a violent act is the thing to do. ---

    It's quite a driven act and more than one death is heavy in trauma for the person to achieve, but obviously I am not debating responsible or not, just pointing out the heightened level needed to see through such multiple acts, sadly its most likely a mental blocking/vision of the world around (no such good seen which can be caused by long term incarcerations, less empathy and normalised life of hardships; plateau of anti-sensitivities)

    Alleviation in a weapon of justice- shotgun, impacting of the messenger, problem solution, fixing seen debits /those against for likely trivial matters [heightened scenarios] -furthering seen in actions to a name for self, self-indulgence faced, justification based on a 'being' of life against. Warmonger.

    Going from one act of murder/harm to another takes a level of heightened mental (ambidance'/disillusionary of seen living) By the end he was 'a problem' at solace in fear of future and calculation 'restiveness/at bay; why he probably contacted police, negotiation most likely. (calculation was off none the less) Sadly, he probably as many do hold onto hope that his position will be seen (future courtings will be seen partially perhaps in understanding, but it will obviously not be)

    Time spent inside, normalisation of each day; plateau of hardship in mental being (life vision)
    Reflection on the inside; spanning time (memoriam) Impacting prior; conflictive. [plateau of incarcerates] time/momentary oppressive (judgement on/acceptance point, rational of not being in the wrong most likely)

    Security faced/non-fear of policing counter-action [partly attitude against, the role of Government seen]  Of greatness in thought complex; grandeur. (unlucky/underserving)

    The rationalisation that criminal acts will cause notoriety; thought out 'a calculation' of seen tough in fame in a personal grouping (outer reach calculates/judgement will be less harsh than is in reality, like of mass role /alleviate) emphatic lift.

    Reliance/levelling (Platem/Plateau): rationing level platoform; outstanding memories that cause one to risk crime. Fear and counteraction were most likely; to think of past fear and the resolve/resolutive to that fear (impacting formant/forwarding)

    This article is mainly aspectual speculation.


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