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    Monday, 3 April 2017

    Trump (The Moving Items)


    Weakening of physical character - to imply strength with vulnerability, nerve react - a placement -  (trump moving things about)

    Could also be a stance - over implied hand movements to show your standing strong - pride.

    -Releasing anxiety about a thought (singular) - nerves about something prior. Singular momentum vibrato of surrounding perceptions (media camera, surrounding politicians) Heightened awareness.

    Nerve reactions - thought to action (reaction to thought) a worry that passes and the person engages in body movements to reaction of surrounding people (anxit') surrounding deprivations politely - awareness of surrounding people and the position to play of president (stance of previous spoken stances of strength)

    Prior statements awareness (instinctual) and nervity'/fearity' about staying in the perceived view of public of standing strong.

    Psycho-reverberation-reactive (thought coalesce - combined forwarding) psychotropic-medium of thought conscious height, reversion-forwarding   [spacic-virate - siprient-entromophis - morphiant -trancementative)


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