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‘Disruptive passenger’ grounds flight after storming cockpit - | Australian News and Analysis ‘Disruptive passenger’ grounds flight after storming cockpit - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 1 June 2017

    ‘Disruptive passenger’ grounds flight after storming cockpit

    After being held of medication the person does not agree with the person can become irate - disillusioned with the current world around them - forced medication with incarceration environments.

    The person becomes disobedient with the rules of life - and acts out to prove a point - an act carried out by the person to show how feels - or set an example in their minds to how treated - with thinking they are in the right - a life disobedience - similar to terrorism - 

    A highlight to their lives - to express how feel after incarceration - but the silence reigns and is never got to bottom of - an expression - the patient feeling highlighting the incident will get their problems noticed better - an outward way of thinking to stand out - to commit an act to highlight their problems.

    A heightened mental health state -where the person believed they need to exaggerate their living and finds safety in that - though not thought out fully - they find comfort in being the example - heightened mental health state with thought even under arrest they are doing the right thing.

    A small form of attention seeking - to express oneself as being of a threat - probable knowing they are not and to create the furthering situation that they did not have a bomb - to hope for a leniency among a bad act - perhaps with underlying issue such as child offenses or something similar, something they calculated needed to create a scene for, something they believed was higher enough to act on to be it masquerade the original problem they sought.

    There is an underlying calculation to the persons reasoning to act - as to either cover up or dismay the event - as to why they calculated would need to create a scene of this nature -----

    What was the calculation as the persons reasoning - why and what they calculated would need to create an incident for - what was the persons calculation as to further into terror type act - with calculation would be taken as terrorist act - the truth being it was probably quite great the 'problem' as to why acted.

    What was the calculation as needed to act upon ?

    A disillusioned state after ward lock up - to being targeted by mental health with illusion - feeling like were under control - the situation of course gets worse with voices as mentioned in past on this site - where manipulation and control come into play - (technological playform)

    A faint state of disbelieving after what confronted with in wards - they have not mentioned voices in these news articles so will leave it there - but its an entirely different ball game as have mentioned in past on this site.

    What was the calculation ? a heightened state of sensitivity 'of needing to create a scene calculated as the necessity - something the person felt was worth creating a scene about - but leave it there, it could be one of many things.

    Often: A distraction ploy - to mask or cloud a previous event (calculation of high enough for act of terror seen of)



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