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    Sunday, 6 August 2017

    Mental Health and Technological Tapping/Bugging - The Truth about Mental Health

    Mental health is being unfairly treated.

    A problem I want to point out is the range of I believe play-toying : Jesus, War, Aliens - voices span over hundreds of thousands - I gather voices are classified at the top of policing - technological tapping/bugging is my belief from what seen - play-toying.

    The problem being in this being revealed is policing treats it as the persons mental health (mind) issue and this isn't helped by directive psychology (psychiatry stand points)

    Police take the issue as psychiatry stand points - this form of control becomes faded with mental illness standings which attribute to mind problems.

    The problem being psychiatrists have associated standings (attributes) for voices - and policing seem to take psychiatry's standings - nothing can be believed when its a mental fault which is the problem with stigmatizing a patient.

    So what is seen as illness (documented in past) gets ignored and unfairly medicated for; medication for a technological problem and is reason why many patients end up blunted and abrupt with speech -cognitive impairment through mistreatment.

    Anxiety is a concentration plane being off - thought acuity - the impacting spans diminished - mental submussion.

    Mental impacting (thought in-acuity) a blanket for anxit - impacting and blunt/numb point (mental submission/submussion) concentrate plane (abruptness) a constant of for instance verbals (causes irateness then mental drugs submute a weakened/impacted plane) intersection gaping (parallelism of thought)
    [problem with mental health]

    An overlay of mental health technological abuses, to play Big Brother with mental health patients, experimentation's with humans.

    Some of these assailant standards of play are : Aliens, War, Jesus, Military, Religion - etc.
    These mental health stigma's are a common standard of Mental Health  - thinking one is for example; a war god, or thinking one is Jesus Christ - this is a sickening level of technological interference playing observe reactions of the health patient - a sickening level of experimentation of human behavior's. [evident playtoying spans]

    -Elevation of mind state-

    [experimentation usually ends up inciting/enticing fear as a malformation of normalisation of play-toying over time, bordem (assailants enjoy incitements of many kinds) - thousands being mistreated based on the actual of mental harm] reactions/reactives observation
    (Jesus in military - and the hopelessness of forth-comings eg: The client believes they are special 'often' as a resulting of faced play-toying and psychiatry's standardisation into being thought disorders etc. an issue with the persons mind itself (physical)) Fantasia (alleviatory' missions/stories) stories matched to explain themselves through fear or incitement of that end up in treatment. (fear of future - fear of past wrong doings) with the intent of voice assailants being to watch the person squirm, often mental health will admit to crimes or take their charges in a different light being a reflection to state mental issues, being forced upon admittance through the assailants wanting to watch the person over time [experimentation: example: Putin is supporting you, its war!] commonalities -

    There is a common psychiatry failure among this that dissects thought processing into a narrowed attribute of thought processing which DE-recognizes in the momentary of these manipulations to regard the overlay, flow of mental health with common similar stigma's.

    100,000's of patients developing the same issue of voices is factual of this experimentation, 100,000's around Australia all stating hearing voices of people talking to them and why should we take this as serious threat ? - because simply patients are forced into sickening level of hopeless/acceptance is nothing that can be done about it - living under mock/intimidation characteristic, under simply accusations.

    The extent may simply be sexual misuses of children from early ages and these assailants use mental health as an asset to discredit reporting getting anywhere -literally control of system/law outcomes.
    -The playing with is seen in defensive attributing height/commons overlay, fantasiatic type missions assigned dream culling. Damage to mentality periods.

    I am sharing this monopoly with hopelessness police security agencies will start dealing with the technologies and make arrests instead of the long history of mental health and standing by doing nothing when nothing being done has harmed/altered hundreds of thousands in mistreatment's.
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