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The Abusive Manipulator Creation - Gang Acceptance/Combined Thought of Sexual Dominance of Their Child Sexual Needs, Excuscant - No. 2 Victim. - | Australian News and Analysis The Abusive Manipulator Creation - Gang Acceptance/Combined Thought of Sexual Dominance of Their Child Sexual Needs, Excuscant - No. 2 Victim. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 11 November 2015

    The Abusive Manipulator Creation - Gang Acceptance/Combined Thought of Sexual Dominance of Their Child Sexual Needs, Excuscant - No. 2 Victim.

    The Abusive Manipulator Creation - Gang Acceptance/Combined Thought of Sexual Dominance of Their Child Sexual Needs, Excuscant - No. 2 Victim.

    Updated: 16/11/2015
    Stated to relatives; "She's 18. It's all good." - fear/shock of the traumatic of girl to extent of friend intervening or attempting to; knowing it would be a police issue, that most likely they would be arrested as a fear intensive calculate, instructing the fact in evidence circumstances for later police psychology to recognise: a fear extremity of her traumatic and the reporting and elevation and from prior rapes through media height; a preventable to defaming in mental traumatic of the extreme of act, an intense worry about defamation socially and possibility of medication treatment and the decline of in mental health systematic which one can witness, to design a clause for age non-recognition in hopelessness of defense, 'Did not know she was 14, I thought she was 18' -a in-thought preventable they perceive to law in being namely of pedophilia grading (perceived evil, danger to all in social life and perceptions receiving when recognised to the act in mental of others-)
    Rowan Wild is alleged to have said to his relatives: "She's 18. It's all good."

    Updated: this happened again to another person under legal age, I am not going over these factors again, but I will point out a few factual points. Raping a 14 year old girl is not just rape, its a horrible attraction to abuse vulnerability itself as stated in this prior/below story, to prey on innocence of movement/fear itself, to inflict the vulnerable/vulnerability and get sexual relief over the movementation of innocence itself, to oppress the very weakness/scared of vulnerable and fair body/skin body.

    Its just a sad fact these 'attitude gangsters' or so they convince themselves, a very common poverty/violent attitude of 'hardcore' a very exuscant of a need to abuse [dominance over sexual power/oppression] we all seen the attitude before 'teach her a lesson' a very excuse for their attraction to vulnerability of the scared/weak and innocence itself, the sanctity of fair skin of child of attractive to small form of curved/curving of body physique - do not doubt it for one second, these 'tough guys' are under no excuses pedophiles of the sickest form, to target someone of age which they calculate is not of too young to be of perceptives through media broadcasting of story to be seen as serious child abuse, to un-recognise the factor of it being a severe case of child abuse by age premise and closest to age of maturity.

    The assailants feel their oppression of society normality, or oppression of their sexual need is unfair itself, and their sexual needs in this violent act being a clause for society factors, example: policing holding vital classification that explains their innocence, or simply of religiously ethical of a sexual need/sanctity of religiously attributing to abusing a child being of factual or ethical association of their be it God or justified commonality -needing' [for example: Iranian marriage of child standards perceived and associated to their creatiss' need and how long subjected to not having this simply feed of need /unfairness's calculative of] ;various other factoring of rationalisation of the act like persecution of their looks or simply failing of society seen to provide or associate them with a women of attractive looks of their wanted; and this is in thought over-time in traumatic of persecutes perceived against. [rationalisative of injustices and against]

    This victim may even sadly become abusive herself in adulthood from the very DE-sanctity of her body of violation, a need to be abused or abuse itself/herself and most likely to not abuse a child herself will and is in furthering of abuse in some cases, a fight for life itself -

    On a further note: Do not doubt for one second pedophilia is wide spread to shocking degree's, it is certainly no 'the odd occurrence'  -far from.

    Pedophilia of the evilest form of oppression of innocence - a devil act.

    Updated : Suspects: Kevin Wild 28, and Allan Wild 29.
    Two men charged with the rape and abduction of a 14-year-old girl
    This update is detailed to a point of unfairness of justice please note [narrow form attribute] and due to the detail level is sad to say disgusting narrow form attribute of families thought process, please knowledge the mother is I will quote; 'of decency of nature' and has a view of 'her sons' ; to support her sons regardless of their acts of suggested indecency - 'the mother will and is supporting her sons and her love for is certainly of no crime regardless of crime committed, far from'

    'Drinking out of bottles with a straw/hose type thing' stated a neighbour - 'Get heavy drunk behavioural party emulation attitudes, 'get smashed mayhem' emulating of childish soldiery, to assertive of hard of nature [rap/gangsta type emulation, at thought process level child-like drunken (delusive)- thuggery-] swinging the victim around, to attacking resolve, combined group confliction faced of thought to self, the group at this stage not sure if can act in subjectiveness to combined convince of each other in group, so plays with victim to a group achievement of identification of victims vulnerability to self-control themselves in identification of victims fear/scared into mental of capability of encouragement of sexual need/attacking (prognostication of each others sexual need into offending) for encouragement of need (the other victim stating 'she is only young' (this is the part of hopelessness of witness and in-capability to defend their friend that simply traumatises this author, myself - a sadness for hopeless inability, the fear the youth had to combat against the bullying assailants of friend - this other stated youth defending friend will never also be the same due to this-)
     Mother stated: 'no comment, but thank you for coming today' to media representative; a pre-planned defense against media questions, no comment, but thank you seems to suggest some knowledge of accountability, a relayed insertive to media about how may proceed 'but thank you for coming today' - a known advancement to outcome of guilt seemingly, to identification of 'relaying to media of acceptance of; or to suggest to play nice, a thought about media relay acquittal of acts by sons, to diminish the fact presented to a public standing' A stern response, prior calculative of movementations by mother, a displayed and walking continuation;

    Two men charged over Geelong sex attack as two more men arrested interstate
    1:) Mother eyes awaiting Media after seemingly smirking or 'here we go' with friend associated seemingly wearing black glasses behind (cover identification for elevated seriousness of crime an effect in public after seemingly)

    Two men charged over Geelong sex attack as two more men arrested interstate
    2:) 'Be strong suggestive of lady wearing black glasses' - hysterical reflection in mother before [as shown below thought acceptance and adaption to] to lower head with a wake up to the situation element of media awaiting, oppressive against - as shown below to lower head in acceptance, regardless the mother being in an almost hopelessness of realism;

    Two men charged over Geelong sex attack as two more men arrested interstate
    3:) 'Here we go' applied movementations- friend in background with combative to perceptives, supportive rejection of perceptions/perceptions awaiting, (defensive posture) a slight smirk of women dressed in black for frightful reactive, defensive posture, head movement in combative to presented media attributed, of reality of situation- mother with head down in relayed acceptance, obedient to awaiting media for their sons crime or reality of court process-

     If these offenders are of guilt, as they are suggestive of in relaying 'I can not believe this is happening' & 'dragging my name through mud' - a suggestive of 'name' - a formed attribute to attitude power, 'my name' - being of name of seen by of larger of life than the reality is of such, very common behavioural emulation at thought child-like levels, perhaps though we can not be certain using the attitude as their defensive 'criminal minded anti-policing/law defensibly'  to assert ones innocence even in guilt for calculated reflective of portrayed though media to public of innocence, for suggestive of innocence in perhaps a hopelessness formed in their thought of crime committed and subject to pedophile naming, a reflective attribute to further life of defamatory in perceptions against by public, to be fearful/frightful after caught of becoming a subject of negativity and perceived, a ridicule against standing attitude/portrayal stances of roughness/toughness - possibility entails preventative in hopelessness of not wanting to be a subject to further mental health and the life it entails in defensibly/sensibility outcomes of courting procedural  - a perhaps hopelessness calculative of many angles with just a few I have mentioned in fear of future outcomes and eventing to be faced in subject/s calculative; regardless of this level of fear for attributed future now presented; 'I can not believe this is happening' & 'dragging my name through mud' is a collaborated differential to perceived in perhaps thought about consequence of furthering perhaps while awaiting perhaps fearfully these factors mentioned and if may get away with it, an intensity of thought process of calculative of getting caught and how may evolve and impacting of thought to; - regardless, believe it or not after going over these factors, the individuals themselves just like victim is now a subject of perhaps, are of a manipulative narrow form attributed abusive of inter-conflictory of their own thought and fear;

    In rationalisation of all this; these offenders are going to believe it or not with thought-intensity overlaying of self-neural-plastination of thought attribute and fear of defamatory, they are sadly in realism once confined going to endure an intensity of thought at a high level and sorry to state but perhaps even much more inflicting than the victim, a revolving scenario of relaying of victims thought and fear aggravate in memory infliction of fear and abusive shock reverberate to a forwarding, the victim sending them through the very traumatic she was subjected to; a ghosting of act against regardless of how of hardness or not caring one may present in perceptives to another, the thought level inner is regardless in all 'children of God' child at level of root conscious exist; the only thing in reality that will stop these offenders from perhaps getting out and murdering in perhaps 5-10 years, will be the forced upon acceptance in mental subjective of narrowed spatial traumatic - and sadly this makes many quite worse it just depends on eventing experienced within the confines and level of differential to norm or wanting's of living or subjection they perceive against -  regardless as we know, many end up much, much worse in thought stability and of rational after and with judgmental impacting of the attitude based environmentalism's.

    [this post could not cover all angles, and will stop here at malformation of, on mental, in incarceration which simply at root level will turn the person destructive regardless of some learning self-controlling to 'minimalist extents-] 


    Proceed to read below for an example of sexual factoring at own risk -

    Previous story.

    Exploratory vulnerability attraction's - a need to sexual repress and sexual attraction to the very resistances/fear/reactive's - a need to inflict on the very resistance itself, attraction to the very painful resisting - a mediate level thought acceptance of the victim, a hopelessness of when will the act be over, 'will they kill me after to hide the fact' - 'should I scream, should I try getting attention to this in-case they are going to kill me' - a hopelessness, DE-valuing of the individual of life itself, thoughts of even 'I have done something wrong, could I avoided this' -

    The very resistance itself a sexual attraction to the assailantry sexual attractive's itself, the very movement of resist or extents of the victim of needs to even portray it hurts in actioning/implementations - a sickening level where the individuals defensive's itself are of a sexual treating nature itself to be oppressed sexually in inflictives/adaptions to the very pain or resistances/reactive.

    A medium plateau thought level of acceptance of infliction the act will be over soon - extremity of acceptance thoughts covered by the individual in the rape - thoughts that number an extremity of angular's in hopeless and hopelessness of alleviate/resolve itself.

    Often after the victim being left from the respression/repression in mistreatability perceptives of others, a heightened sense of commonalities to these very sexual behaviours and traumatisation and behavioural adaptives form in the victims behaviours itself and extreme of cautiousness to others - a resolute of fear or social heightened imagery/calculative of society itself.

    A repressed /oppressive state in needs to attribute where even mentioning of the act may be seen by victim to be taken in societal ethics as ab-norm or height of being of an illegitimacy itself - needs to be of respect, to portray intelligence or even changing the individuals needs to fight for humane ethical's or principalities. The repressed in the span of momentary of infliction and hopeless/acceptance forming a reverberation to further life itself, being of a defensive or attacking- itself nature, to comfort oneself as self-manipulation to comfort itself (abusive self-infliction furthering and opposition to this defensible against-)

    -Being attacked by surrounding (en-caving) animals with 'claws' - viciousness of uncontrollable against -

    The filming of this act is where the act becomes a sickening level of depravity and shows the naturism of acceptance of abuse glorification of be it the women itself - celebrant of; no doubt without policing interjection this video would of become the attitude glorification/attitude of ethics of this level of caused depravity itself 'taught a lesson' mentalities of the abuse.

    Simply - this act was of no other than primal behaviours at its very animalistic premise - the worst of humanity itself. [examplification: a dog humping its issue out on a leg]
    Group hounding, attacking perceived from many of angles in subjection/thought aggravate of fear to no defensive against - 'self-manipulates /adaption to cope with with inspection/in-section itself'

    -dentistry of defensive's/reactive's itself 

    -as a medium of restricted /oppressive impact and acceptance of '/submission' this causes a frictive elevation long term, a forced upon mental subjection in time span; which impacts as a traumatic re-emergence often in an adatpive/manipulative resolute from this span of fear/subjection and self-analysis of self and impacting and in long term self-analysis thought/thought covered (focal self-transmutations ('study of the incident/identifying') ) -

    As no slightest even of defense to assailants - those perceiving weaknesses or have of vulnerabilities in themselves or analysis of their own faulting/weakness or adaptions to fear itself from others- further reverberate the need to target these/of vulnerabilities itself - the weak are attracted to the weak. [sickness breathes sickness]

    Absolutely sickening news, and will not even start on the repression/dirty/acceptance of sickening levels of sodomy if was committed - the item /restrictive of feeling completely vulnerable or dirty itemisation of target/targeting itself (un-explainable level of feeling oppressed or an object]

    - Further Notations:
    Attraction to fair skin, roundedness of body physique, curvature- innocence in movementation, nervous/fearful/scared friction of reactions and vulnerabilities in; 
     Hormonal aggravate repression (forced upon and attempts to not to reach orgasm and self-thought awareness of inability to prevent often under the rape; being further forced to reach ejaculation/orgasm and inferiority in acceptance of; ) furthering sexual inferiority and oppressive/respressive self infliction (abusive creation) long term distancing sexuality and sexual awareness/cognition -thought inter-confliction (repressive re-elevate instigation) (instinctual targetting of vulnerabilties - frictive/shock reverberation spanning re-elevacement/psychtro-tracement - focal-targeting-instrinctment (alienatiancitement)) repressive counter-adaption/infliction (animal instinctulite citational /-insightment) The femanale psychtro-reversion - fear reversion elevate /resolve/alleviate - acceptance point of a hopeless/hopelessness  resolve - time confrontation focus (aggravative of momentarium span) - forced obediance subjection, conflictional/inter-thought-aggravate/infliction of; to willingness or obediance to adapt to (to obey for shortening of time span of assault; hopelessness of and thoughts of obediance or repell/fight against, to not aggravate the act further and for harm reasons; rationality of acceptances and rationality of no resolve in this infliction mediate; a distance of scream of mental instabilities in thought confliction/aggravate; inter-thought confrontationals elevate (traumatisational awareness - perspectual sensitive) sensatisational sensory elevational awareness - psychtro-abusive-targeting (psychic attatchment to surrounding; animals, living things- revolving abusive creatives at point of centrification and continued furthering - a point reached of psychtro /defensivery/weakened/reverberative attatchmentations) [psychtro-connectivity and span/spanning of; alienating]


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