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    Sunday 25 June 2023

    Putin - What The Happened


    Distractive/supply war normal for fighting methods: Palestine and Kosovo.


    Manipulate, the opposing with the least contacts made.

    The direction of media calculation - suddenly Putin is looking good believe it or not. Vulnerability, every single person here wanted the forces to take Moscow, the point being no killing is good, murder of course war be. 

    Fascinating this course of events -  

    Surrounded, perhaps this group was doing a show of power. They did not encounter opposition?

    If it was real or just turned real as a ploy to combat. Scary stuff for Mr Putin nonetheless.

    More to come...

    Tools you need after watching.

    Nerve reflection and posturing re-adjust - a great deal. licking lips. Re-adjusting. 

    The vocal speed rate increases, something not of true belief. 

    Practised - tonal implications suggest not of wholesome. 

    sensory-aspectual-distancing reflective-inter-sensory - the bloke is sane - that is the height for the situation.

    What's the world 'Devil' thinking lol 

    The whole power of this act went global - media spin - realistically we just got brainwashed by media 'thanks!' not their fault -

    Update: Well we have seen this trooper did not even leave. This Wagner group are tough crooks it's treason. 

    Note on media Wagner's head is still in Russia - it was a correction in media output, but as I said I do not have any issue with Putin, Dont like killing, always think more of people.

    I hope Putin either signs them into his standing armies or something or gets rid of public armies in Russia. I like the people's spirit - what happened!@@!@! 


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