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To The Calculative Height; Miscalculate -Children Injured by Knife Attack - | Australian News and Analysis To The Calculative Height; Miscalculate -Children Injured by Knife Attack - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 10 June 2023

    To The Calculative Height; Miscalculate -Children Injured by Knife Attack

    France: Two of the wounded children and one adult were in hospital in a life-threatening condition, while the other victims were less seriously hurt.

    Calculated, the spanning of extremes; most likely the calculation of revenge/oppressed, to the oppressive height of -could be a paedophile. 'rubbishing life' - sadly these animals are usually the abused, amount of inter-conflictives against (of phasic-vibration-parallelism, 'reception'-targeting). There is not really rehab for these 'animals' /nowhere to seek help. Let us admit it once they label you this, these people are often the target of others when these others also are usually not great of sorts 'let's act out because in defensive in defence', self-reflection/refliction'

    Another possibility is such pain that believes they could lift this height; perhaps of fear police are the great killers; not sure what was the situation -but a name for self usually is seen as lifting the height in court in the belief that will get help or 'once the judge sees me I will be of calculated height' things will be better; which leads to being perhaps being mental health. 

    To become the assailant; of mental calculative. 'that person did this' - 

    Obviously, this person was at breaking point.

    He looks behind him thinking 'while reactive/retractive' 'going to do this' - checks the person behind him and is a little worried, destined. He turned around and jumps in the direction, confrontation - then we see him; definitely of a threatening nature. Holding his chain to display looking for someone to then changes to show ' that he is really not looking for someone about that', nervic-awareness - would say this is a mental health case. Looking for the police during it as well. 

    Its only short on video of his appearance. But obviously to stab children takes many factors opposing against; calculated: 'perhaps' That he will be the sick animal in the news' perhaps he dealt was police and was paranoid that/or anger that the factor was unfair/something so lashed out. 

    Notably also being of from such hardships his calculative included on a plateau from his time before from the past; anger/reflection on wife and kids. This can be common reasoning.  

    He apparently screamed which was interpreted by people there as highlighting his presence/commit verbal offense.' while on the scene. He was also suggested to be stating he invoked the name of 'Jesus Christ'; which was probably done to cause problems, which it did not really. But to state a Christian did this; calculative difference in comparison to Allah, or to state not Islamic to hide the offence/change outcomes [hope, distan-targeting] 

    A snippet taken from the BBC news story.
    Interestingly, those of Islam and petty crime - those whose influence/subjection/poverty, or of psychologies of fandom by religion/psycho-layering, exacting. Thought clarity on the subject, or be it unclarity, 'information that can alter beliefs.  

    Sadly he is dangerous - sadly also police intervention abrupts/furthers into the person thinking things will be worse in court so why not commit more crimes (which there needs to be more reflection/help with the actuality of many charges) 

    Whatever time he does though from me personally saying 'time with animals in a 4-meter cell for anything over 'a month' is hell' - there is more rehab of giving the person a break from life, this usually happens within a month to a year, it is a nasty length in a box realistically as long as its affirmative the person is getting out, which is not guaranteed this hope sadly - which is not nice to do to a person. The place is hell - but yeh social height of crime demands action, which usually is more of a stint. Sadly this person needs help with thoughts as the calculation to kill a child takes serious committing; of factors considered. 

    Let us just hope this person did not have voices, a totally different ball game; that said; is done through manipulations and fandemic-brainwashing. [nearal-shock, disclasic]

    It was stated he had no psychiatric record which is unusual, but you can finally snap mentally literally, displacement-stretch/strinct/de-stability of mental/verge/equilibrium (psycho-connectic-shock; mental-tropic-abruption, synaptic-electic-strength/electo-level) will mention that could be over-prowess/learning of religious psychologies[at alert/ directives or being of God] [reliances]

    Last thing, did police ever class the news that he could of done something in past, and I wonder lately how deep the rabbit hole goes lol *shrugs*


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