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A furthered War: Monopoly (HAMAS Media Reflect) - | Australian News and Analysis A furthered War: Monopoly (HAMAS Media Reflect) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 11 January 2024

    A furthered War: Monopoly (HAMAS Media Reflect)

    Recently I saw South Africa is pressing for a genocidal crime against Israel. (some form of court) 

    How far did they take it, going to have to be a manipulative battle by Israel -as truthfully yes HAMAS was wrong to slaughter literally, teens and kids as well[brutality of impact, regardless of life]; but.. after the war proceeds has Israel been totally forthright of intension to expand or create a safety buffer or less unholiness be it in surrounds. 

    It is going to be an interesting one because once this act of 'incredible' planned terror is a reach of furthering by HAMAS attacks, obviously Israel yes would have loved stronger be it defence; or US envelopment into a rather blind breach. [involved by past relations, assistance 'warranted']

    By now HAMAS probably calculated their public media brainwashing would be more impacting in the calculated outcry of the Palestinian people to be more concerned in an almost blinded defence of HAMAS. 

    The whole thing is a bit crooked, they slaughtered, and rockets are/were coming, regardless of this a bit unholy in itself stance thy; religious stance Israel is evil (that is the HAMAS situation, their land as well, has not been for a long time depends which factoring of truth you want/expose, inter-psychologies) 

    How far did Israel go to invest in US regional help? all the way, it is war of course. [Told directives often designed to resemble a whole, yes it all could be shady in a rapid preparable defiene]

    Same problem in Ukraine, how much gets left out by Ukraine to employ/divest Europe/West to help with war. 

    Widespread safety zone/net: Hostile elimination. 

    I agree with Putin's thought, US/European help is actually a proxy war sadly. 

    I only offer thoughts; I have no reach or stance; up to Governing bodies/media what they do. 

    But...Best Wishes to the Israeli, Palestinian Russian and Ukrainian people, the people are amazing humans, of course, best wishes and prosper. Be open and 'more accepting of others and their grievances/differences' 


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