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Olympics Come To An End - Beijing Smashed It! - | Australian News and Analysis Olympics Come To An End - Beijing Smashed It! - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 21 February 2022

    Olympics Come To An End - Beijing Smashed It!


    Well, it is over. The amazing production by China was definitely one of the most advanced to date.

    I just wish the parting message by Thomas Bach (President of Olympic Committee) at the end about unification and unity -and the fact our countries can co-op to put on an amazing theatre/sports - well it would be nice if it were listened to. 

    It was a nice touch nonetheless.

    It was no under-funded event, with knowns' of even robotic meal deliveries to athletes. 

    I think this will be good for China, a perspective of humanity coming from the reaches of what we are taught in Western countries/opposing to the other. [basically, focus on the negative with media and not respected for what is good, mainly/percentile is conflicting]

    China is no doubt a major power, it is nice they can still co-operate on some scale. (after all, it is about the athletes, not the politics of countries and the Olympics should/hopefully will always have that)

    Focal perspective on China. The opposing state. Now seems a bit closer to humane, and yes we are fed quite negative bull* about China in media -when their ruling ways should be respected - it is their choice and most there/the citizens are aware of things/but still love their country. [information is not that easy to suppress, a need is formed] 

    How they treat people are a concern, but Westerners should also have leviance/allowance towards their ruling ways more so than currently may be seen through media. Peace is not achieved through threats/malice or weapons, you need to stay supportive to an extent as well. (there are many positive ways of engaging as well)  

    I watched the whole thing pretty much, it is now 1am in Australia here and I do not know what to do with myself now -it helped me stay focused/entertained for the entirety of the games. 

    Well done China and athletes - amazing and very special games!


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