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Corona Virus (spitting/coughing) - | Australian News and Analysis Corona Virus (spitting/coughing) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 20 April 2020

    Corona Virus (spitting/coughing)

    Corona Virus

    Spitting/coughing on people and saying that they have corona virus; calculation of arrest being treated differently, special treatment insighting; though the case is usually arrested and charged with little corona treatment.

    The size of the offense if they know were going to be charged after seeing it in media, becomes a fad about doing something substantial. (momentary of greatness)

    A way to invade someones feeling of safety, automatic fear assigning. 'Restricted' outlaying. (end all of a dispute/confliction) impacting;

    Little furthered thought goes into this decision - its done in heat. Narrowed calculation at best, clouded by anger. (example: go to court and get off, instead of arrested and go to jail after court; the end focal instead of the span of life exacting after)

    Time spent isolating can impact on your outlaying thoughts (wider angle) being in house more and spatially restricted; when go out there can be an almost excite/confident about being out with people. Be aware of normalisation of your surrounds (spatial distancing) 'an almost lead up to reversional-forwarding when you go out.'

    Its not worth it people, dont risk your free life on a dispute in momentary.

    Furthered information: dislascic-attacti (in-communicate/social reverberative sling, attack sytro)


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