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Sectional Alienating and Versatility Adaptive - | Australian News and Analysis Sectional Alienating and Versatility Adaptive - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 17 March 2020

    Sectional Alienating and Versatility Adaptive

    Alienating and Versatility Adaptive.

    The virus breathes fear, panic a tropic that continues furtherance. Dislasic' reverberate.

    But.. a problem I wanted to mention is fear of others.

    Today I went to GP and seen a mum and her son 'I think' come in with masks and gloves. Immediately I watched as a patient sitting near the check-in desk came and sat further away from them.

    I also had a bit of worry about a test they seemed to bring back which looked very official.

    How do you stay polite to the zombies that have been infected? How do you treat these aliens as humane?

    Sectional dislocation. Alienating. The virus carriers.

    These people deserve a medal for what they need to go through... What do They go through?

    Suspicious acting towards them, people staring at them feeling uncomfortable causing a tropic -some even thinking it's a fad, but this outlook does not hold just too special. Wanting to re-assure people 'it is ok' if they are in the testing phase. Energy exists in the infected, a mission which brings a possibility of death, the end, almost something of a height change - ignorance towards others is reflected back, used to/normalised stares and treating of. An uncertainty exists. A flood of appeal towards them, a seriousness of behaviour is formed. How am I perceived? Am I moving my body right to accommodate others?

    This from seeing a mother and her son who were possible of being infected.

    Please treat these aliens better!

    Furthered notations:
    China seems to know that distancing creates a fight against this virus, prevents the adaption rate as a contagion. 

    Countries are using 'spatial distancing' as a means to fight, the psychtro adaption rate prevents furthering. Splitting people with distance distances the viruses attack strength itself. 


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