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Coronavirus: Design Of Virus - | Australian News and Analysis Coronavirus: Design Of Virus - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 30 April 2020

    Coronavirus: Design Of Virus

    Infectious Design: Coronavirus

    Latest infographic 20th July: 

    Design of virus.

    A virus from all aspects that does not really target children, and has at most spread through western countries mostly?

    Was this virus created in the lab in Wuhan China?

    The design of virus, from all possible means it has spread or impacted mostly western countries, is it a simple transportation calculation/coincidence? (western countries more likely to travel?) or something more sinister.

    It seems to us that a virus that does not impact children (possible recursion/backlash design) and has spread through western civilisation the most has design elements, in all that it could of been, it is deadly design.

    Intent in design? This virus is about as infectious as it could of been, and China not revealing it at first when was noticed does not gain/help our trust.

    There was no light of strength in this spreadable infection, it was first in efforts,  deadly.

    Stastistics below are taken from Google Thursday 30th at 7pm.
    Design: Covid-19


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