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    Thursday 19 September 2019

    Sensitivity Wins The Bachelor

    Bachelor Psychology
    Source: Network Ten

    Chelsie: Nerve retraction, timidness. Innocence at self-portrayal/perception; this is all a targeting for Matt, her vulnerability 'softness of her psychology' -nerve sensitivity- 'awakeness' 'fear-reactive' 'retractive-forwarding/formant'

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    Quite daunting for Abbie, simply rejected on national TV, the knowledge of a failure would be hard and we hope she has the right supports around her. Abbie basically broke down on national TV in her car ride home -suddenly her latest love which she kissed and more has 'let her down', though it was not easy, she and all watching could tell where it was going, but yes she wonders why 'rejected'? -it was a hard knock for her and you see her mood flip in the car ride home, she re-assures herself it is over as she knows she has to, an ending for certain.

    On the other hand, Chelsie feels she has won Matt, but there is uncertainty to her about their future. (as of showtime timeline, not recent) it would be hard to be everything TV aspires her to be, she would feel she is not a shining example of a girlfriend -but I am sure Matt comforts her but how long this will last is another thing. [has the show set her up to be too needy/attached?]

    Matt himself strides to reflect a stronger stance, 'the boy'; He does not react with outlaying actions to his nerves, and covers himself up smartly really. He has to be Australia's emotional but strong man - and he pulls off this perfectly.

    Really this is a disastrous situation for both girls, heightened emotions because of the way their inner selves were revealed on national TV and they recall all these moment' almost at once.

    All is not lost though, here is the link to a video of Matt and Chelsie more recently.

    Tweeted by the Bachelors Twitter account, we hope they are happy:


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