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Michael Guider - Scenery Of Jail Is It enough?... - | Australian News and Analysis Michael Guider - Scenery Of Jail Is It enough?... - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 5 September 2019

    Michael Guider - Scenery Of Jail Is It enough?...

    The decisive to if the offender offends again has this 'user' spent long enough in apparently said rehabilitation?
    Michael Guider - Scenery of Jail
    Has this person been yearning for the sexual body of a child is the question. Fair body/skin, to perv, lift/off lift covering of fair skin/smoothness. 

    We will say most likely it is actually pointing towards not re-offending, due to length of term in prison, the ecstatic of the level of conditions being applied to him, but he could just be thinking about the sexualized content of a child again, he could just as easily offend.

    The time spent can either go two ways, rehabilitation and the time spent was actually too long, you are talking minute by minute in a cell, surrounded by animals basically, 30+ years is a hefty amount under these conditions no doubt. But the time spent can be a risk calculation of offending again, normalizing the entire span and risk of /greater of offending - the time spent becoming a minimalization and calculation that offending will just land where you have already been, a cell.

    You would hope that offending is not an option because it will land you back in jail, but some are just attracted by the flesh of kind, that offending after normalization of jail seems an escape itself. [ something for memorium]

    So he could just as easily re-offend as not to offend. Has he been fantasizing about child flesh from his cell? Perhaps calculating the offending as being less harmful than it is, wrongly educated?

    It is basically a roll the dice game, why so many conditions probably... Its seen in media and displayed that he is likely to re-offend and we will disagree with this spill, it may actually lead to him re-offending -calculation in his mind that it is minimalist offending. [height of crime and impact]

    Unfortunately, after this amount of time served you have to give the benefit of the doubt that he is not looking to abuse flesh. [saying straight forward for impressionism] Nothing more than abusing flesh /smoothness /fair skin of body [circular fashionably, targetting] (vulnerability of actioning, retraction and oppression) Often beating the flesh over curvature, its a sickening standard.

    The media has seemingly given him no choices, across all channels the dangerousness of him possibility re-offending - he did spend a lot of hours by minutes by hours behind bars, is it enough?

    You abuse someone in jail cells do they get a chance to rehabilitate? time spent under confinement is an old argument. Yes, unfortunately, the person does suffer (combative thought, aggravation, confliction furthering) physique weakening from; enough confliction to forward an abuse? who knows how time served him. [jails are not rehab, they are sorry to say closer to torture, for this reason, he probably should not be let out, but you have to give people some hope/chance]

    To be honest, I do not know which way this will go, but thoughts about flesh long term will probably go towards offending after such abuse on a person's mental long term,[strincto-instrinctment, medications possible] even in a minimalist or porn, not child abuse. [probably will still hold such needs, with long term child offenses being in mind, such a number of past offending]

    With all hope not that people care either way at this media extent they just want blood even after certain 30+ years tied down like an animal, I hope he does not re-offend! Let us just hope the minute by minute was a push enough to change his mind to be a better person (which the mainstream media will not even push this possibility) 'Give us a break, its 30 years of confined mental/physical oppression!'

    Its a long time served, his time has been served. Let us pray for the best! He will be watched like no tomorrow anyways by sounds, keep the faith that is some rehab in jail (probably not though seriously, just pain forwarding, to be realistic)


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