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Voices Are A Terrorism Issue: Brainwashing 101 - | Australian News and Analysis Voices Are A Terrorism Issue: Brainwashing 101 - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 21 August 2019

    Voices Are A Terrorism Issue: Brainwashing 101

    By the title, you can guess what this post is about.

    Voices: houndreds of thousands coming down with the same issue of 'people speaking to them'; psychiatry will have you believe its a mind fault, like its some sort of standard amongst cognition somehow.

    No. This is an advanced technological issue of this day and age. 'Obviously this many with the same problem; people manipulating them into far fetched reasoning: Your Jesus, There is a war and there is a nuclear bomb above you; 'get on the roof'; this is simply a sign of play toying, experimentation extremes - the assailants with 'overlook' - watching your reactions, the furthest extreme of delusion, for what reason: 'fun and control' probably -to watch the person listen and squirm and deal a blow.

    Brainwashing is seen as the actual level of brainwashing the person is subjected to (level of; your Jesus in a war) Disgusting levels of assault.

    I do not have all the answers, but I know when something is not right. I have witnessed a span of patients, such as one threatening me that Syria is going to attack me, and she felt under confinement this was her safety, a relief, she believed 'she was a power'. This is too common. I have seen many scenarios but the same story, the person has been brainwashed badly with serious 'fantropic' scenarios designed to slowly level by level be believed.

    This needs to simply be investigated at low police levels, not bloody classified for the higher end of the food chain which does not get bugged/tapped. Its disgusting abuse of the mind/physicality at highest exploiting extents. -manipulations at belief.

    One problem is 'distraction abuse' - levelling friction caused by the sounding impact, which heightens irate state and often with intent leaves the person being medicated, literally a planned 'impairment'; intent to medicate the person's mental tropic, which leads to non-cognition, sedating a tropic which causes abruptness, a weakening/targeting of conscious.[non-cognition receptibility/in-exacting/in-cognition]

    Submussion-formantal-platform ( in-exact, exacting) the mental is weaker than thought, exstasic-accuracy. Treating the verge, not the base. 

    A system of assailants controlling the fate of someone, perhaps a form of justice, because who is going to believe it? who is going to find out such an extreme plan to damage the mind of someone?

    I personally have been through this bullshit, and I can personally say, it is not legit. Something is very fishy.

    Terrorists are closer than the top of policing will have you believe. This is serious mass-level brainwashing and physical harm.

    We hope you will think twice when you hear another mental health case with voices has gone psycho. #sick

    Directive/directional psychology:
    Outlaying/prior standings of psychological attributes, standing value, in-forwarding momentum. In-cognitive recept and forwarding reach, spacic/spacing existed/exist of interviewing interjection/intersect parallel (impacting barrier formant/reach) SY. Weight of autonomy, formancing [ghosting-] trace-lift (repression/recursion) linear-entrancing/trance linear/sytrip[pathing]

    Voice sounding:
    Soniscic-refractive-inwarding-virate (sonic, abruption-split, inter/retract, multiple-platoformic, vibration-linear)


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