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Shayna Jack Doping Scandal - | Australian News and Analysis Shayna Jack Doping Scandal - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 28 July 2019

    Shayna Jack Doping Scandal

    As many say,  

    Shayna Jack has claimed a drug of which would have known she took (uncommon type); they are all going to claim they did not know, just because they see not knowing following/furthering in media will lean somewhat towards not being perceived as the Devil of sports. (self-protection after caught)

    Relaying not guilty is better to the culprit in media news. Innocent of charges are relayed in the media arc - and yes most peoples focus is on 'is she innocent' even though many will think she is guilty. [she says not guilty, but how far fetched is it that she might have perhaps been spiked with the relatively uncommon drug; or something similar] 

    We are not portraying Shayna with the same perception of guilt as Sun Yang (Chinese swimmer who most likely doped); As the swimmer, Shayna is an Australian I guess it is just hard to see from a competent country that she could have used the muscle growth medication knowingly.

    It is not very likely someone could have put the drugs in her system to have an advantage, but in this mad world, it is still I suppose a slim possibility.

    Do we put faith in her not knowing, or decide she is definitely guilty, but honestly as reported on the news there is no excuse because she was found positive, being positive is the end-all regardless of if she knew? 

    Update: it is said that she may be able to play sport at that professional-grade again if she can perhaps prove she took the chemical accidentally.


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