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    Friday 16 November 2018

    Directive Psychology

    Directive Psychology:
    Judgement analysis formational overtime (psy instanti*; momentate/movementative -reverberative field, magnesis) exstasic-'momentary' (mirrored reflection, opposing design) timelife (absorptive) time exstasic reflect (inner recursion) spans overtime of medicate/treatment causes a lowering plateau/platform (directional psychology) reflective over-look (by psychiatrists) exstasic-submussion (a rut) span of mental health associations in a 'negate' (lowering SY platformic structural)
    [imagine a spider retracting fangs, or a praying mantis retracting (associative, manta)] virative-impacting (SY-Level, reverberation) a cricket and its timing  (life sciences, reflection of timing; (outward) instrumentation)

    Mental attributes are a standing - leaves little ability to differentiate - standing attribute instead of individualised treating/perceptive. (a major flaw with psychiatry) focus length (span) of analysis judgement, directional virative, a span of treating as fixed/established mode/autonomous, fixtured/reflective spanning furthering, non-cognition-depth (geo-instanti, synaptic-vergant; afix point, exstasic positioning, deepening) in momentary.

    Resistant apart and attatch, rhythmic length (thought void, cognitive spacing, and re-connection)
    Non-cognitive recept.

    The problem is seen as a mental issue, so torture is blinded (layering of terminem psych) -disgusting treating of humans.

    Those interviewed stating it is not that bad, are layered up with such an anti-personal perspective of how thoughts/behaviours work they are 'actually heartless' -it seems to blind the suffering as a mental issue. Major disconnection problem exists.

    The layering of the terminem' psych is an exacting equal/parallax/recept -that it cancels the exacting' itself. The neutrality of thought analysis has this problem. They can state after there are problems, but the sensitive of' span is greater now and furthered. Inter-reading of mental and square geomatrix furthering (insept/treating furthering)

    Psychological appointments the least visited usually - the lesser point of function (in-exacting premise) narrowing-wave-psych

    Recept of thought instance and cancellation of momentary neutrality. Treatment of afix/fixtured, furthering.

    There are serious problems with treating those who are 'alienating'. But will be years till its revealed.

    [Aspectual field/direction of perspective, treatment perspective variables (narrow form analysis)]


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