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    Friday, 16 November 2018

    Directive Psychology

    Directive Psychology:
    Judgement analysis formational overtime (psy instanti*; momentate/movementative -reverberative field, magnesis) exstasic-'momentary' (mirrored reflection, opposing design) timelife (absorptive) time exstasic reflect (inner recursion) spans overtime of medicate/treatment causes a lowering plateau/platform (directional psychology) reflective over-look (by psychiatrists) exstasic-submussion (a rutt) span of mental health associations in a 'negate' (lowering SY platformic structural)
    [imagine a spider retracting fangs, or a praying mantis retracting (associative, manta)] virative-impacting (SY-Level, reverberation) a cricket and its timing  (life sciences, reflection of timing; (outward) instrumentation)

    Mental attributes are a standing - leaves little ability to differentiate - standing attribute instead of individualised treating/perceptive. (a major flaw with psychiatry) focus length (span) of analysis judgement, directional virative, a span of treating as fixed/established mode/autonomous, fixtured/reflective spanning furthering, non-cognition-depth (geo-instanti, synaptic-vergant; afix point, exstasic positioning, deepening) in momentary.

    [Aspectual field/direction of perspective, treatment perspective variables (narrow form analysis)]


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