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Aged Care Abuse (normalisation) - | Australian News and Analysis Aged Care Abuse (normalisation) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 20 September 2018

    Aged Care Abuse (normalisation)

    This is not a majority luckily but overall its not a total minority in part as well.
    Abuse in care homes is a product of normalisation often -overtime care fades and the staff get lazy and less sympathetic.

    Repetitive impact/impacting (friction/viration — antagonisation) reflective/mirrored traumatic (connesic tension /duality aspartic)

    Dramatic requesting (weakness /appeal) staff faced with over-dramatisation in speech (abruptness/frustrative) — which is just normal problems with the aged basically.

    Desire: from looks to appeal, the aged suffer judgement often once the staff repeats their caring duties —disgust in duties (helping with toilet etc.)

    Motivation suffers often overtime and shortcuts are taken — aggression forms (respect diminishes overtime)

    Medications can often be suppressing (stasic' narrowing) it can create a verge/synaptic reversion which is virative (friction/ vergant — erratic formant/formance) complaining happens and can leave the care patient in 'an agony' which creates complaining (feeling hard done by, feeling at 'edge/erratic) when the patients complain they are receptive to the caring level in these few that care less about them (reading/intuitive into how treated/cared for, which escalates the frustrative between often)

    Reflictive-inter-confliction/submissive (having to obey/argue points) Patients noticing their complaining being not up to care (recept/insight) and arguments are caused 'an in charge environment'. [against oppressors seen by care patient -and it often does not de-escalate, the patient being doped/instability/virate/weakness]

    We hope this gave a 'somewhat idea' of what is happening in our care homes. Some should not be allowed to be in caring roles as this examples.


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