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Trump - Enough of a divisional - | Australian News and Analysis Trump - Enough of a divisional - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 8 November 2016

    Trump - Enough of a divisional

    *Latest Update: Trump got the presidency
    *Protests erupt with bit of damage 10/11/2016

    Decisive battle - risen the fame in media he has - clockwork rotation - leveled to height rotation in media to general mass level.

    The battle was divisional - each new event Trump attends exposes him in numbers of levels of support at base of view him and like or not - to the media again - a destined coverage from the root days of the apprentice as the stern figure who opposes.

    Someone on the normalisation of celebrate the questions and statements - constantly criticizing Hillary the opposition, even trying to land her in hot water.

    From put the Mexicans back in their country and building a wall - VS pretty standard character Hillary on a level of expecting decisions - a bit of a tame player in China's matches not as likely to engage in war - 

    From this picture I expressed a bit' a go, He has come a fair way in nice policing - but does he have the count.

    He appeals to change makers of a difference, but not sure he has the take to compete with normalization of the American voters - how many have heard of his tyrant's a mass of enough numbers we will see, controversy.

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