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Bullying the repressed - Don Dale Detention - | Australian News and Analysis Bullying the repressed - Don Dale Detention - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 12 December 2016

    Bullying the repressed - Don Dale Detention

    Bullying the repressed - Don Dale Detention

    Northern Territory - security officers have hormonal problems and leaves them having to blast their sexuality into abuse (denying water, throwing them about)

    Sexual driven towards treating roughly - outlet for environmental spacing  

    Normalization is a killer for surrounding spaces and work activities

    Bullying the repressed
    -those fighting to wear them down as treating for crimes - with prisoners already being treated badly and resistance of how treated - the two sides just elevate (prisoner : resistance to incarceration)

    The attitude of security in prisons situation is the person deserves how treated for crime - to think you know the person, tough guard attitudes on the younger or prisoners is disgusting.

    We all know what happens - some beef'ed up guards decide to treat young prisoners like high end criminals - their resistance to how treated leveling a level of how normalisation proceeds  - everyday routines - and how to act to resistance.

    Stripping the person naked - surely the signs of sexual misconduct at its minimum - a hormonal need to abuse that comes from restraints of how to treat a person - weakness the attraction - the needs of the prisoner a bullying need.

    A shut up and take it attitude -

    Shocking treatments are the evident - these people may be screwed up from these interactions - high level abuse. (denying of water and needs)

    Its plainly worse than you think - some deep gaps in social behavior will arise.

    Obviously these incidents will cause resistance in the patient/person - a need for revenge or retribution - yet still they stay locked up after horrific abuse against them - which elevates responsiveness and in bad behaviors.


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