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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Time : The Definite

    Time is definite - if you go back to the past, the timeline is the exact same - it is happening in time - time is definite - you can not change the past - because changing the past was already the current - you go to past and change the time - but it was already included - time is forever.

    Changing the past - was already changing of the past included - time is definite - you can go to past - but you already went to past and its already been done -

    Time is in a loop - you already have changed the past -whole envolpment - it already happened - time changing is dangerous becuase of this - infinite momentum -point of looping - so theory is you create a time machine - as soon as activated without travel - time is effected - your mission already happened - momentum revolves - changing the past - was already changing the past - a collapse of time itself - the moment your time machine is activated - everything you do in the past - becomes current - an envolpment of time itself (collapse) the furthest point of current time is an envolpment of the past - time past - is current future always

    - therefore there may not be a past to time

    The momentum of all time in past changes - is always current with future/current - you would not know time has been altered, the years that went by after being in or changing the past - is the actual or current - a wash on current time - phasic type alterations you can not judge as they are now not the past but the actual current always. Changing the past - virates into the whole time line from current day - to be effecting throughout the time (phasum of existem)

    Time actual - effecting the past was always effecting the past and future -
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