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    Sunday 16 October 2016

    Time : The Definite

    Time is definite - if you go back to the past, the timeline is the exact same - it is happening in time, does time become current for the whole, or time become singular; the transporting to the past individual (out-of-time)

    Time is definite - you can not change the past - because changing the past was already the current - you go to past and change the time - but it was already included - time is perhaps forever.

    Changing the past - was already changing of the past included - time is definite - you can go to past - but you already went to past and its already been done - more to the truth, you would exist in anti-time (out of reality)

    Time is in a loop - you already have changed the past -the whole envolpment - it already happened - time changing is dangerous because of this - infinite momentum -point of looping - so theory is you create a time machine - as soon as activated without travel - time is effected - your mission already happened - momentum revolves - changing the past - was already changing the past; a collapse of time itself - the moment your time machine is activated - everything you do in the past - becomes current - an envolpment of time itself (collapse) the furthest point of current time is an envolpment of the past - time past - is current future always.

    - therefore there may not be a past to time.

    The momentum of all time in past changes - is always current with future/current - you would not know time has been altered, the years that went by after being in or changing the past - is the actual or current - a wash on current time - phasic type alterations you can not judge as they are now not the past but the actual current always. Changing the past - virates into the whole time line from current day - to be effecting throughout the time (phasum of existem)

    Time actual - effecting the past was always effecting the past and future -

    Update: Temporal Paradox.
    Time conversion - conversive flow (time is a moving thing, shifts and changes) time strays and refocuses 'platem of time' -the movement of a quantum shift [elector height and reversion]
    Going back into the past, you would technically meet yourself actually going into the past itself. (perhaps a vision of playthrough till current time meets) Time is definite: going backwards is; has already happened when you first go backwards itself. But..would you retain a temporal understanding or would going back into time say 20 years be yourself as a baby perhaps -this would require temporal shielding to overcome the transition of effect to a previous time. Can modifying the elements of matter in current time (alien level technology perhaps to change the molecules that perhaps existed in time, which would probably mean time is 'always' in some state) relay and effect of the current temporal. [the sun, ghosting past particles resonation, time existem]

    Is time linked to a temporal plane, the conscious of elector/thought itself -matter is retrievable therefore can it be interacted with and change the current/future. [wipe out a race by destroying them in the past]


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