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Bali Nine : Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran - | Australian News and Analysis Bali Nine : Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 28 April 2015

    Bali Nine : Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran


    Bali Nine : Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran


    The claim is somewhat that Indonesia has a significant drug problem, though how significant ?

     All information on Australian drug deaths seems not to exist on web. It was said about 18,000 die in Indonesia from illicit drug use, my bet is if you compared the year 2014 from both countries and death by illicit use based on each countries populations, I still would say Australia has on this a far, far more significant problem. I can not prove or be it - be corrected (feel free to send me the information will update) though as the information seemingly does not exist on web (not available to public and this website) I was literally left quite angry trying to find this information.

    The very information that may show that we have a bigger problem, is literally missing - perhaps it exists but it is not linked 'at this moment' - I will ask statistics Bureau for the link and check response, though obviously it will be well over, not that it will change Joko's 'set perception' in any case, a somewhat heightened or disconnected from individual's; 'public eventing' .  These third-countries politicians are very different from the issues faced of the 'lower-class' member of public, which often endure hardships or levels of dismay plateau's which cause these very issues in first place, or at least effect judgment on committing crimes.

    Of course Joko will not take phone calls, you are telling a commander', somewhat with military height - to not trust his instincts, it is somewhat offensive, there is nothing he can say any ways, his mind is made up - what can he say: 'I am sorry but I got to go ahead with it' - of course it is not worth answering call to our PM, Joko being somewhat surrounded by stern authority in flash berets with guns, 'order' - not to mention Joko entrails his very up-tightness and physical restrictiveness, set in ways as happens to some, to forming almost compulsive traits, a need for 'certainty', a cloud that forms, that may literally limit ethics or morals, psychological layering.

    The decision to continue was Joko's own, though is obviously subject to strict authoritarianism, the scales tip somewhat direct towards favor of the Government - the lean was simply always against the Bali Nine.

    Update: The Bali Nine were simply murdered viciously. RIP. 

     Further thoughts, not provable In Slightest: The Bali Nine were not executed at time stated - they drip-fed the media contact SkyNews refers to - to test response, be it violent reactions, then when seen this adaption/acceptance, they proceeded. Is there any actual identification of time ? Apparently there is video of the execution, or so suggested, so this may be wrong. 

     There was difference in times stated or reported, I believe (from memory) it was 'something like' .25 and .30 on the clock, an unusual 5 minute variation in times reported - different source info from the connection inside/where executed ? - to be honest if this is case good, looks like there was a threat reported to them, (warships deployed, unusually heightened security) awareness information that states were pressured maybe without going off track, [so there/they should have been ?] Mistake with preplanned control of 'making it unknown/not visible' - hiding testing response first ?-[It leaves you wondering if they were so to speak aggravated into committing this act from their perhaps 'knowledge/current information' -from this subjective threat to them, which obviously would not be good, as in pressured reverse, pressured into 'do not' do, so suggestive of fight to do this act-maybe -&, in- a surrounding 'stop your justice perceptive' from various regions [etc.] - a rebel against in this, stand/stance hold/strong for 'their own countries justices &-ways' - 'you should respect our choice/standing or current laws, 'our countries leader can decide, you do not have to agree, but this is our 'way'' - perceptive/-held ideals - somewhat from this constant reach 'to them' 'from/with many angles' keeping focus off the ethics' of simply unusually as Tony stated 'cruel' act to say least for 'simple hardship Aussies', couple of druggies that wanted their life easier [some such perceptive that by doing this and 'if get and get away with, their lives are enhanced be it financially'-subjective to common poor committing crime as happens all round world -particular leading learning formed into being of acceptable risk, even though that is not the best angle or somewhat leading factor to say publicly, but it regardless is a common issue that spans so realistically there should either be concern as to underlying reasons why the poor are subject [most likely an at least small percent of not accountability so to speak should be assigned, there will be justive changes 'perhaps much into future that change with forward thinking and value on ethics [at least western culture has adapted to some need for bettering humanity be it (etc.)] -besides simply be it 'locked in a cage for considerable span, somewhat ignoring the level of problems on person evolving, 'hardships of significant degree's leading' be it simply reasons or events against the individual that cause conflicts with diversities of mentality, thought frictions /small percent be it of trauma, overlying negative or against the persons wants or needs leading, the person often with social circles which span the same in this or continue- amplify & as a medium plateau of continuance- normalising in length & length of this hardship]

    Couple more plebian's taken care of by third world governmental processes.

    What really annoys me is the fact the 'held information' that is not public goes well beyond 'stating innocence' - and yes there is held information by Governments like this that will literally have you using even your thoughts in much higher capacity, that can not be considered with general public. The sort of information that will have you 'simply reading someone exactly' - Psychic connections to even possibly the very design of life on earth - do not assume the Indonesian military at 'top held information level' did not know 'a massive wider detail' that goes well beyond 'showing their innocence', the sorta of facts that if presented to their court Judge, the Judge simply would of gone missing and it will 'be known he is working for a charity in an uncontactable location'.


    Two lives hang in the balance as we know, though is it 'just' for the Indonesian system do this?, do they actually believe this is a better way?

    It is shocking Government executions still go on, you expect these sort of actions from ISIS.

    The two men who have woken up in life and many that commit criminal actions of this height do not think about long term consequences of their crime for various reasons be it even slightly clouded by particular events in their life that may form a certain way, obviously there is no way to really view the twists and turns of your illegal action or consequences of to a thorough degree without actually experiencing it.

    These men have been locked in a dirty prison that simply a rat would not live in, to say they have not formed an appreciation for the simpler things in life would be an understatement, the men simply would be left in mental alleviations of be it religion and other reliance's under such hopelessness, it is much worse than Australian prison's as many are aware.

    Most people that are personalised or in the reality somewhat of life's bigger picture are generally going to change when faced with simply 'oblivion'.

    This is a another command and control case by Government be it being known to some extent round region or world so it is assigned as a preventative, their thought's are simply let one off there is more to come or further crime. (statistics, awareness of crime, majority vs minority, media heights)

    Do not kid yourself this is disgusting abuse by the Indonesian 'Government' who claims they are somewhat respectable, when obviously so backwards directly on value of life in this day and age.

    Tony Abbott took a big risk on in-sighting this was brutal when the Australian public has recently been focused on himself helping relations in our region to some degree, and he must speak out when sanctioned murder is more fitting behaviour of primates and shows very little advancement in humane ideals for their system or what is just or even Godly.

    The Government is committing murder for a lesser crime of drug running simply, such class it shows.

    - The world watches.

     - Indonesian Attorney-General H.M. Prasetyo told reporters he hoped there would not be many batches of executions this year as they "give us headaches". 

    *Is this some sort of joke? headaches? The next batch? perhaps the next 'carton' would be better English. Has he been informed different? That the execution is actually getting rid of bad eggs in their local supermarket? Some really bad language barriers playing up?

    Try nine' years in a box in thoughts of 'not existing' which is often perceived as 'black, or nothingness' to points of acceptance and reliance's.

    On top of this the higher departments with held information are not usually those speaking for Government or there would be some-what presumed innocence on these two and not be seen as because of awareness of the executions, be seen by Indonesian officials as a needed now 'stance' , their thoughts being far distant from thinking the person will perhaps re-offend as the case, which is considered naturally when appealing against this sort of crime, simple follow-on thoughts that number and cover all angles.

     -No one decides to risk their own life being executed in chance they 'should' get off, which is possibly part reason to their thinking to continue with executions. The person is in their right mind when do this level of known risk ? Obviously not - simply many other factors come into play many of which may be relevant but are not really presentable in court systems, restrictions come into play with court and can tip the scales over being a fair defence or be it 'fair justice' (in this there is normalisation and generalisation; specific crime and previous references and outcomes perceived - a general disassociation with being 'individual' that heights at being common with law and governing body mass perception)

    Executing countries civilians while you maintain an information height too scary to consider is not going to win Indonesia friends, even the US states that permit executions are behind morals, public and general citizens including these offenders being 'child-like' in a bigger picture in comparison to Governing height, their decision makers forming a 'strictness' that extends beyond ethical standards to achieve controls', and the very officials that make the decisions considerably lack knowledge be it of psychological factors and other various knowledge, the leaders 'apart or disassociated' from their field of study not covering this, dealing with the war around them in world as a closer threat at heightened level and these executions a strategy to stop people be it drug smuggling.

    -Why not broadcast the murders then ? Or will you need to buy more paracetamol for this...

    *Added: Driven to the point of finding beauty in their painting, the media exchanges or conversations with Bali 9 showing formed needs to aspire to more than their being, a calm that has been driven into them under such situations, this would be Mental Health in Australia simply.

    03/04/2015 Update:

    It is the distancing that sickens me, obviously the two are 'somewhat' aware of reach to Australia, this creates 'elevated thoughts' - which can be seen by a need to 'better themselves' to point of trying to action 'good behaviour' while incarcerated, the distance between their interviews while knowingly aware of their reach and knowing of execution when they are simply typical Aussie drug addicts that went too far. The fact is that they would have numbering thoughts that 'view' the situation and reach of, considering is normal in these situations.

    I personally have a bone to pick here at as have enough understanding of these incarceration court matters and simply facing 'non-existance' (simply being murdered) when these people are certainly not of 'hard-to-bone' nature hence the ability to rectify themselves, finding beauty in things, care for family to such extents - just sick Indonesia what is going on here and the truth being they do not grasp or see the 'forceful' mind changes in person, alleviations, reliance's, faith in human spirit to faith in God (which can be a strong reliance or personal alleviation...sorry to say) [faith in your system and you as well I will add, why you deserve this is just evidence of the persons level of change to extents]

    No one witnesses the changes over time being 'held', the mind adapting itself, be it being 'forced acceptances' till this level of 'calm' is shown, and that is the kind of truth that is just not said often enough - It simply sickens me and that is for the reasons not 'clearly shown' but are factual with such situations.


    Seems to be some sort of understanding already of the fact the case may have involved bribery, it is seen as somewhat 'normality' as if there is no accountability for this sway in judicial processing - as if it does not change anything in their view, which it may not technically, though in Australia the person under this would of been let out of prison long ago, just for the fact there 'was a lean' to some extent unjustly against the person.

    I guess the fact stands realistically that the actual processing in their courts is highly influenced by political furthering, be it prevent crimes - though as we all know, their heads [Joko Widodo] are in a held stance, they can not back down now due to awareness of event [negative outcomes on political standing, thoughts of 'getting away with it' in Indonesian public's eyes, etc.] - a somewhat military decision that is far from thoughts of these two 'specs' re-offending.

    Would anyone honestly sign their own execution ?

    The judicial system over there does not seem to comply with their own 'supposed justices' - or be it can be altered or swayed for their own conveniences. There is no care of the fact 200,000* could of most likely got a prison officer to let them out of jail and on a boat to Australia in middle of night; 'before this crime was heightened' [so/such to speak]

    You can only hope that these executions are prevented at last minute. We will see the truth play out, 'Joko': an animal or human ?

    5.34PM Update:

    How will this lining up to shoot go ? 

    I gather they will be under some sort of acceptance by this last point. Will they run ? or will they stand still not showing fear in defiance, though be under complete trauma realistically. Shooting someone that is most likely going to be in 'fright state' - an intense, 'how did I get here ?, what have I done ? I tried so hard.' - 'Ready, aim, wait....he is shaking I can not aim' - 'Ok, aim, ready....quick get him he is running!!! Fire!!!' - 

    Yeh, no wonder people are going nuts, with reason.

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