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    Saturday 18 April 2015

    ISIS - The Information Block

    IS Calculations

    Information delusion - religious 'fitting' - terror, directed information grasps, the grasp stop.

    -IS use of preplanned and outcomes thought-brainwashing, known results and use of. -psychology that voids judgement, thought connectivity an over-view which results in control, to understanding of control, highlight information that holds value over 'things being more' or 'greater' -fed bullshit. Seems a bit of failure to take accountability for this form of 'fitting information grasps' - brain washing simply.

    Use of excuses for person not 'connecting with it' predetermined outcomes, like information that fits in slots - previous informatives given, often rationalising the next decision/action. - a reliance that always forms 'reasons for everything' with previous informatives creating focus of 'reason, gods actions' a constant battle of explaining - though has gone further, now exists in predetermined outcome state,  knowing how certain information grasps effect be it response in thoughts to it, even terrorists calculate reactions/reactives.

    Cancellation of normal adaptions, be it seeing the terror as being wrong, a brainwashing delusion that literally furthers itself with structure, be it - knowledge presented and justification to act on these informatives, or adhere to.

    Luminosity by terrorists - Religious Neuroplasticity.

    They would like to tell you this form of brainwashing does not effect the terror assailants responsibility, though that is obviously misguided - information can be drip feed obviously till effects even rationality or judgment, manipulation is a very real thing and seen in normal everyday conversations - from avoiding saying something you do not want to and assigning 'distractive's.

    Obviously those enforcing law will hold somewhat fear about not being able to get or pin their man, they would prefer there being no court in some instances of perception on those who commit crime.

    Most of us 'not under religious brainwashing' - eg: the church telling you 'god does everything for reason' etc. - religion exists in states of assigning excuses, and this is current even when people question things in church. -revolving psychologies

    Instead of just waiting for people to commit terror, obviously providing an understanding of this information abuse - be it delusional information fitting the person' which seems to be evident, show the Australian public the reason behind this 'unholy catch'  - they need to make the very issues with this kind of religious brainwashing public but they will not because half of Australia will end up becoming manipulative - to get their own outcomes etc.

    I would say there is a failure to understand the 'reach and effect' of these types of brainwashing, obviously if someone kills someone they should be held to account, though in my opinion the effectiveness of these IS informatives needs to be taken seriously, instead of a 'complete guilt', those that criticize me saying that, just have a general failure to understand the abilities of brainwashing, there may even be a current IS intent to manipulate angles to help recruitment - 

     I guess there is a Dr Goebbels after all.

    IS the recurring algorithm. -Recursive--furthered grasp, alterations of faced/facing judgements. A later - 'acknowledgement/realisation/point of focus or rationing'.

    The church actually does 'similar' (no I am not putting them in IS box, spread your rumours) church often targets those that 'need a reliance' - need some 'personal alleviation' for their troubles.'

    Those under hardship and needing relief are attracted to this type of information, a personal alleviation - being given 'a conspiracy' it may even be a real conspiracy, it may even be real to our law, though is not made public - works in many ways. Justification for the pain they received, which is a bit misguided considering IS simply slaughters - the appealing informatives, informatives that give the person relief, the person noticing they perhaps have better adaption due to the fact religious brainwashing 'cancelling, or being of a complete adaptive nature to any criticisms or flaws with itself - an excuse for everything, though is perceived as being of some holy justification, the information revolves - creating problems with ability of person to be 'mindful' or use effective judgments on bad behaviours.

    -There should be more concern that these type of informatives can effect rationality and decision making.

    A information placebo with religious under-tones, be it 'power over-tones', 'of more to your being' - of unnatural height.

    Truth is I wonder about the ability of someone older and wiser to 'withstand' this form of information brainwashing, let alone two 18 year old child 'bad cool imitators' - Couple of needy to be known, effected by power, perhaps even be it by the terrorism in media, perhaps formed through once again previous dealings with law, an act against their perception of unfairness - hardly some sort of 'next to blow up a plane terrorists' - though in this certainly capable, a child in Africa can shoot a gun as I say, but something just is not fitting here obviously.

    It weighs up pretty easy either get away with it or get caught - mind leans in getting caught to media fame, regardless of the supposed terrorist ideals held, god height, - they may even convince themselves they are doing for better cause or even may be the case, but fame is a calculation obviously -still. 'the bad guy' -

    Most likely I will assume poor living, bad housing situations amplified by attitudes, 18 most likely used weed etc. somewhat further chance erratic thoughts, narrowed thinking, somewhat disconnected or vague from reality states - perspective becomes somewhat singular (instead of knowing a 'whole, or span of awareness of surrounds), , living in a realm of poor life and situations, living the under-life plateau, leaning towards negativity, or leaning on.

    Normalisation, every day being every day, normalisation of daily life - less variety, mixed events/activities - somewhat perhaps if on drugs, this happens at quicker pace, being not 'of content' , various withdrawal uncomfortableness, mental struggles to points of abuse, instability, sparatic, or off-the-track thoughts to simplify, focus being somewhat memories. - drugs forming 'greater than' often, and forms the reliance or alleviation.

    [this post is opinion based on authors known at time references, with somewhat 'limited' sources] - the image used above was acquired from


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