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    Friday 23 January 2015

    The Trophy


    Undeserving spite with touch of jealousy, money for racing cars and.. -women on top.

    The podium height -trophies being in proximity to the women, a mix of negative based impressions or perceptions that lead to a debate - supportive of or against, both sides with relevant points but this debate is an old one.
    (be it positive and negative - [had to add] humanity being electric based, your brain signals, our greatest accomplishment in this is electric based technologies, life would seem to form on this)

    As said on Twitter it is public appeal advertising, highlighting drivers efforts, to heighten their image to attract or keep a heightened focus or importance of event/race or even heighten appeal with public. It is not the first time women been used to advertise in such a fashion.

    It is socially acceptable to dress up women to even further revealing degree's with dance/music shows but with racing it is seen as not romantic and furthermore procession or even thought's driver's use them like play-things (like a thought 'sting') and an easy-catch and unromantic impression keeps people offended and in conflict mentally.

    -perhaps due to how they feel about their own looks or how their social circles have formed into for instance particular attitudes on 'good lookers' - a general resentment that the person themselves may not be aware of. You either agree or disagree, though either way based on your own influences/events.  Example: you have had problems with perhaps being perceived as not as attractive as some, so generally it impact's you more and furthers a need to be against - every situation is different learning/adaption - some may also form needs to support based from their experiences.

    Is it sexist ? Not from a bigger picture, simply people are sexual animals in many cases no matter how much they conceal it and someone in media who is restricted in actions and ways by standing of course in most cases is going to be less revealing - sex is a big business as everyone knows already.

    Advertisers on TV even sell products by using sexual appeal even actioned or acted (perfumes, dating,clothing) so why is sexual appeal in car racing any different in regards to methods to sell or promote their product be it, racing. Racing itself is second distance from direct TV viewing, commercials are general and viewed by most to some degree, while many choose not to watch racing.

    But both sides of argument have supportives in information and references. Perhaps these women would enjoy the public thrill of being a podium girl as well, one commenter stated they are paid well and its their choice -is there any hardship attached? Do the drivers get comfort out of being displayed or associated in some way with these women?

    The post referenced was a bit blunt - 'bimbo' - a typical social stigma of good looking women, there is nothing to suggest these women lack intelligence or capacity of any kinds obviously.

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