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    Friday 9 January 2015

    Life Decides, Australia and Voting

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    Australia is perceived as susceptible to be it attack from other powers with public, even though is generally thought not going to happen. 

    Australia is seen from it's people that we are 'weaker' than many countries, especially comparatively with Russia and China, it is compared with more than a minority.

    A media release can influence how the public views other countries, an Australian's general position is than we are susceptible in some way and we certainly are when we sit in a nuclear world.

    How a person feels influences their life as we know, does it also in general influence their vote ?

    Our past four PM's:
    (within my life – memory of)





    Generally Australia votes in the populous of global trend, this can be seen from the period in which Julia Gillard was voted in, for instance: it was thought time to change and be it having a women PM.

    The voting majority from this are typically believers in a 'better way', generally better our human culture and mainly show acceptance towards women and at this time there was a heightened need for this, be it support women in Government or elect the first for what was thought to be 'change', and major change in Government is generally assumed to be an improvement.

    Our past four Prime Minster's have one thing in common, they are cautious. They all think before they speak and come across though many do not see it, as 'reflective of thought' of the people watching.

    When on TV or being viewed by others you are constantly in thought of how you are perceived and (how) to avoid negative reactions and all four of these Prime Ministers do it very well.

    Did our PM's sensitivities get them elected ? Or does Australia feel better electing those that are maybe subconsciously understood with many as being 'sensitive', and on this thought to be more care towards themselves hence they vote, or is it just that they are 'well to do and generally those that have had better lives in some regard, succeed, or are generally thought to be a better person and better for the majority that vote.


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