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    Saturday 6 December 2014

    Borders and Crossings

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    Countries will treat or tell the other they are not doing right thing, as if to say your ways are wrong or what you do or are doing is not right.

    It is seen and felt amongst public and even the politicians to certain extent that western ideals are better; our ways are above the other. You are taught to respect others decisions and ways from an early age, though not when it comes to how another runs their country it seems.

    The need for improvement or change for better of our world or even own country; out-weighs respect or allowance for the others ways or methods/practices in some cases.

    It is felt that for instance 'Australia' is closer to 'right' and this is influenced by issues in America that are publicised like the school killings or bad health care.

    Impressions of other Countries/Governments (for example):

    *Underpaid workers and conditions in poorer countries like India, rife with crime impression.
    *Media bans in China; seen as an enforcer of ideals we do not support, or ideals/policies/laws being 'wrong' or not 'free' or against their public.
    *An image/impression of Indonesia being somewhat 'ill-adapt or ill-equipped' or perhaps treats their people badly in certain ways.
    *Smaller island countries like Papua New Guinea being seen as almost 'backwards' (out of date, behind the times or even 'the fly on the wall') or at least seen from that impressionable angle by more than a minority.

    -General 'overall perception' or 'consensus' is that we are 'above or better'.

    Putin is typically seen as the devil with the bombs and big but ill-equipped military especially comparatively with US, it has become almost a hot topic comparing Russia, US and China on a strategic power or military might level against each other.

    The legitimate Iraqi Government is typically seen as 'good, but can we trust them long term' or even many seeing similarities or commonalities between ISIS(IS) and the Iraqi standing Government as sad as that is to say (for instance: fighting themselves or similar religion- be it in part or in whole, or similar way to treat women, close to each other or same region, etc.)

    I guess countries are like people, nice to the others face, but in back of their mind they may be thinking something totally different.

    The information contained in this post is Author's view only and is typically designed for thought creatives; not necessarily accuracy.


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