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    Thursday 4 December 2014

    The Ferguson Informative

    Ferguson Day 6 Protests
    Ferguson Day 6 Protest Picture

    As more information gets distributed by whistle blowers, all types of activists and media (and it's forms) people are forming a general distrust of Government in general and for leaders like Obama. There is many that dislike Obama or even hate him with a passion or/and what he stands for, though at same time he still has a lot of supporters.

    Music/TV is theorising informatives and references, be it in-part, or in full, to make you think there is more to things, which generally those under hardship of sorts alleviate themselves with and 'reliance' on 'informatives' is growing.

    Information is flowing throughout social media, and people are forming a need for 'fairness' of all kinds, this includes opposing law/governing be it in 'general' ; mentally or to physically act.

    Those under hardship of sorts, or have had negative experiences, generally feel there is more' or they are deserving of more'. A problem to solve (like math or puzzles) -and this depends on the knowledge/informatives of the individual (in this you weigh up or calculate and/or how to act/react or proceed)

    Most of the protestors would of had/have some sort of closeness with law or Governing generally, perhaps even be it a brother that went to jail (when they possibly could see his vulnerabilities and mistakes made in the moment and see him maybe as being unfairly treated or unfairly assigned justice or be it court provided little defence for him when they feel there was more to it)

    This problem has got out of hand and 'may' increase,  individual's and groups influencing the whole generally through media coverage of protests and social media hence seems to or does gain momentum.

    A negative act or publicity stunt even being seen as a way to gain further support or further the cause, with media relaying the dangers and problems and by doing so increasing awareness and further creating disarray or needs to act or protest amongst a wider audience, when the majority of the media are probably closer to being against protests and the levels seeing of harmful or disruptive behaviour.

     Some possible perceptions or mind sets :

    Your not telling the truth
    The government is enslaving us
    How would you like it (towards police, law, government)
    Justice is justice
    We are not nig**rs (or a commonality)
    We deserve better
    The uprising
    We have a voice
    Time to get them back
    Lets make this bigger
    They are locking us up like animals
    We have to steal to survive
    I am just feeding my family
    They can kill us but we can not kill them
    The police get away with everything

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