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Cleo Smith found, many rejoice - What happens next? - Accused trials and tribulations begin. - | Australian News and Analysis Cleo Smith found, many rejoice - What happens next? - Accused trials and tribulations begin. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 17 October 2021

    Cleo Smith found, many rejoice - What happens next? - Accused trials and tribulations begin.


    His need for acceptance from past memory, to show pony his life -the many calculations that this soul would have gone through. As things progressed or earlier judging by hearing:
    Cleo Smith's accuser<done to lift the height; attempted. Calculative height is better option seen/known, hopeless for him of course.
    I gather the person calculated the media reactions many times after the abduction - and his collection of dolls is quite capturing his effeminate qualities - Liking children's dolls the brats. His need to collect dolls is a sign of psychotically progressive towards a child. A passion to be accepted towards children has come over time perhaps progression from his own knowledge of child abuse against him without much psychological help. 
    The probable calculation that his own abuse against him would come out, doll collection suggests he was prepared to be noticed/media at some stage.

    In all honesty, the police have handled this well, rarely reporting much in the media - regardless of his behaviour justice is important and I am not sure having these childhood photos of the girl in media spread out /reach will be good with knowledge of the sexual crime, which I am gathering is the case but we hopefully will never know to be honest it could do more harm than good. 

    I think she would have been touched, not necessarily abused (was this all a calculation to rationalise he is good with kids? keeping her without abuse) or was it more sinister - but hell something went on! They seem to be leaning towards not being abused, but not sure this is right. 

    They seem to say it is not planned, but we will see. Its also possible the assailant tried hard to avoid seeming it was planned for his known reasons of court/knowledge of law, present insertion.

    Don't know, keep you updated!

    Terminem: Syto-refelict, SILN

    Update: Cleo was found, but what next? 

    So far they have not announced what went on - I guess they are trying to distance the outcry for blood when it hits the media ARC. No place will be safe for this culprit - he will be headhunted if there was sexual abuse - this is a tricky situation - perhaps the police delaying announcing the crimes committed /distancing from the point of impact. (why this may be a rape case, obvious careful handling perhaps)

    Maybe yes they have not talked to the child while the child settles back into the family -but do they already know? I mean; what was the motivation for taking the child, did the culprit take her and then change his mind on sexual abuse? (becoming humane perhaps or regrets, then had no choice but to continue holding her/looking after her[buying nappies, feeding her]); perhaps he hurt himself out of hate about what he had done, or was there cold-blooded sexual abuse involved and hurting himself was done out of fear of what done/going to go through. (worldwide perceptive, mental impacting)
    A few options may have occurred.

    Media ARC - Outcry - Justice served on this culprit will be further detailed/impacting/seriousness attached -how are they going to stop this media show/slaughter?

    So what/that she is physically healthy, that does not mean she was not sexually coerced (are the police trying to stop this slaughter perhaps, in the interest of justice?)

    I have concerns at the interest of justice when achieves a worldwide height, the impacting is direct when 'feeding the news/informatives'- [reactives are wide-spread and varied]

    I am not sure how this will proceed - but thank God they found this child before it was covered up by murdering the girl as happens when these crooks think can not hide them anymore. (panic of being found out)

    *given a chance to believe she is okay (plateau thought leveling)
    More to come.

    Older article:
    I think this will turn out bad and here is why: Likely she was kidnapped judging by the last autistic child missing being revealed in media widespread; as was lost in the forest not abducted - A chance seen by some (calculation they think it was just the child lost again) 

    I mean, by all means, we hope this is not the case and that she is safe -but we think it's more likely about this calculation.

    It's possible that the child was abducted and will be found dead as well as to seemingly solve the searching issue as well as a possibility - It is important the first searching and time spent as we are told/know. 


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