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Iran Shot Down Plane by Mistake (perceptive) - | Australian News and Analysis Iran Shot Down Plane by Mistake (perceptive) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 11 January 2020

    Iran Shot Down Plane by Mistake (perceptive)

    The news has outplayed the information about the missile hitting the plane. The effect of death is somewhat under-expressive due to the focus on the Iran war. Its a split between the US eliminating the Iranian leader and the fact of defensive from Iran (firing at US bases) [intersectioning of thought, non-sensitive distract, focal-split, neurolytic-attach]  neural-stimulus anti-targeting point, dislocating-slip, sync-nullification.

    We just want to say these lives matter - Iran has now admitted to shooting it down during a state of alertness from US possible interventions.

    The passengers of Iranian-Canadian decent, allow for a minimisation of the tragedy -not so important as would be American or European etc. passengers.

    The grief of the tragedy - focus on Iran admitting forwards an open honesty 'at least they admitted' in the revolutions of news. It seems almost understandable and Iran would calculate this was an open wave option, with minimal backlash if they came forward.

    More than likely Iran planned for the out lashing (why waited for a response before admitting) they more than likely planned for/and initiated this downing of the aircraft to put the pressure back on Trump, purposefully shooting down the aircraft and at right time stating they downed it from military alertness over US intentions/statements.


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