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    Sunday 8 December 2019

    The Crossing

    XI Crossing X

    Anxiety - XIET

    Xi Jinping - The crossing [opposing states] Designator/elector.

    Xi-ET Extraterrestrial. Alienating' premise.


    Exstatic-conflicting (point of inters focal) and outwarding and repulsion (global retractive)

    Mental health alienating and suppression; protected life. Outward effectual. Oppression reversion. 

    Our language format has alien fixtures. 

    Sex: X the Crossing. Crossing roads (current of time with applicate) Jesus cross mass-thought-pernonomous.

    Mirrored reflective. 

    Resurvix species ;re-re-serve, X connective, reflex servant, oppression -tropic influence. Ee-laxin'.
    Psy ;Psych, 'Psi musician; (elector) height of the alienating. (Thought reflect of the most alienating, SY-instanti actuality) Conscious/concise reverberated.
    X-Cross ;XI- Xi Jinping (elector) crossing ping, cross one; 'life designate/stated of current' (differential/anti of XI conflict, PSY, XI, inter-conflict and/of male and female relations, outward tropic), alienating reflection/state of mental health- [a crossing dilemma (protected /life)]
    Luminatory divison night and day -
    Closed capture' (picture-visionary, treatment-resulting) ;escapism (traumatic, exstasic-shock pyramidic structural 'rise to slave conscious dimension', geo-squaring) directional-anti, herded into, reversion stasic 'the psych reflex' - mental submussional forwarding raise, globic outcome reflectives. The alienating go to mental health or Jail -those of traumatics (viration, siant) ['alienating' capture 'pacman' reversional, ghosting]

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