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    Sunday, 23 December 2018


    SyntaxI-Explanations. We comprised a few descriptional meanings to show you a terminology structure.

    Siprient-entromophis: Siprient:alien/serpant-I; move connective;
    forwading/formantal-morph, coallescent-combined.

    Exomorphic: external; from outside; of before; alien to; sick 'living' morph; connection leeway, crossing; 'and capable of morph', a wave of morphian*.

    Morphian*: Of connective, type of being, the life that bends with parallax.

    Drantraxial*: dark being, of the darkness of acts, an extension of power for dark [shadow play]

    Non-Cognition-actuality: Blank space of mind, non-thought, opposite of thought, the height of thought, 'reversion of thought' [receptibility of non-cognition]

    Seperation of thought: fear-retraction forwards, parallax of thought, reversional-forwarding [formance/formant] -half PSY forwarding from reversion [parallaxing: sentry, sentience surround, distances] co-existan of fear/react/reflex and alleviation. [synise]

    Synaptic-verge: thought process edge, 'synapses' relating to a synapse or synapses between nerve cells, verge: furthering, of sharpness 'point of reach' 'extenusis*' ;

    Dioceptor: 'dualic*' reality interceptor, multiple recept - ' a traveller' -ception of traversing

    Menascis*: menacing being; technological superiority causes joy in playing with less advanced beings, SY'stem* manipulations. [manacing alien] a Devil.

    Echume*: an echo of life, a reverberation of furthering, echo-sys -distancing vibration, singular echo, a queue of surrounds.

    Sytro-propherix*-entalume*: of psych (mental sciences); the prophecy of wishful thought, un-natural abilities, enta*: of the point of, furtherant*-point; luminance (light) [human species, alien to the world, of the technological design of life]

    Spatial-distancing: distance of surround perceptives*, a reality of distant, space of; mental perceptive of distance surrounding (usually spatial-confines) perceptive-reach (to be of mental limitation of spatial surrounds)
    Spacial-distancing: [assumption] space movementations* verge, distant of spacial movementate* 'instrinct* of mental/physical' coalescent of planetary shifting 'spacial existing of gravitation movement' [esscentriates]

    *=descriptive Language
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