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Emma Husar... Emma Husar & Normalisation - | Australian News and Analysis Emma Husar... Emma Husar & Normalisation - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 9 August 2018

    Emma Husar... Emma Husar & Normalisation

    Emma Hasar IMage
    The Devil Or Not?

    We are going to write this post from the view that 20+ complaints and allegations are not wrong. 

    Emma Husar, Emma Husar...

    Normalisation, each day routinely things become normalised — a platform you adapt to like stepping stones, the more time you spend at something of a familiar, the more you normalise the period, you test *boundaries/reactives/living, etc* —the more confronting and careless you become. (plateau/'platoformic: adaption/landing;adoption;plantoformatic (automatic levering in thought))

    -Sexuality is confronted or tested, as normalisation or be it comfortability with positional' sets in.
    Sexual tension amongst a friction-like mental, priors of anguish —self awareness of how coping/pain (inducing abuse) self-awareness abusiveness —awareness of own vulnerability leads to noticing vulnerability/uncomfortability in others, which causes carelessness (overlook, noticing weakness can cause a thought overlay/overlaying to these weakening points, care voiding, thought-pass-through; non-cognitive recept/receptibility/retraction-forwarding) awareness of one's own thoughts (vulnerability attraction)

    It appears normalisation and be it everyday testing has run short with Husar, probably from what we see with her ease to quit (not run again) she is probably in guilt or be it reasoning of her wrongful actions and has been for some time.

    The edge of previous wrong actions can also be a forwarding; example: one commits an act seen as lewd, or as such an act that abuses privileges, one can see they are already digging a hole so to speak and further commit acts because of calculation of prior acts being already done of a level of wrong and already at risk—

    Power and abuse; come from normalisation in this case —'calculation priors' that add up to risking unusual flirtations and as suggested perhaps more.
    [SY-Instanti: tropic-instant, SY-Actulume/actulumic-Calculate: calculative reach instantaneously of an actual]

    These stories pretty much sum up themselves - perhaps be it the person 'Husar' has the momentary calculations so probably see's she was not as at fault as realistically depicted in actuality, acts that over-time added up, and this is why when confronted nationwide (in media height, a vulnerable state in which one has to be careful and is limited, every dissection and awareness at this height) instead of fighting for her innocence has taken the steps to simply step down.

    Perhaps beyond the point where can rationalise the accusations in media with be it untruthfulness (lies as such, or misdirections be it, distractive points, etc.) —

    How we see it: from these calculations we have gone over if they are in any way accurate - time for you to stand down Husar, you have seen this was coming anyway.


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