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Teen Charged With Murder Over The Death Of A Perth Mother, Two Kids - Calculative Justice - | Australian News and Analysis Teen Charged With Murder Over The Death Of A Perth Mother, Two Kids - Calculative Justice - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 17 July 2018

    Teen Charged With Murder Over The Death Of A Perth Mother, Two Kids - Calculative Justice

    Why a hospital visit probably was the calculation for murder. [not admitted, an 'excuscant' safety net, as weak as it sounds, legal barrier caluclative]

    Warning: Mostly speculation at this stage.

    Reported to hospital in the psychotic state, calculation of excuscant' for crime — a way of covering up the act, somewhat help towards the murders, legal leverage in calulcation —  perhaps as a mental safety net, 'justification even for no treatment'. Tropic height — Narrowed perspectives/perceptual  - most likely on medication 'submussional-formant' under psychosis an elevation of tropic height - irritable/frictive state of — receptive state of mental — did he have voices? (manipulative, fantropic manipulation if so) but lets just stick to what we know - what does it take to kill 3 people? an extremely delusive state, irritability (not delusional necessarily) — suspicions, perhaps paranoia - perhaps in thoughts of revenge for something, calculation that not admitted to hospital as a leverage for the act, going lighter on the punishment (delusive tropic/tripic) but...beyond under voices is a whole different ballgame if so, which in' the offender of this type of 'techno-manip' will manipulate suspicions and say many things that are close (the biggest lie is those closest to truth) ;to the truth so are believable (fantropic) — in a state of 'friction' be it believability is increased — cognition is slower (thought lag, submussive agents (medication) on a tropic) — receptual manipulative leveling -— the news stories have not stated he heard voices, but its an entirely different ball game as I have stated in past with someone with 'overhead perspective/manipulatives controlling'

    Menta; a weakening of psychotropic-verge-point, submussional-formant , lacid'/lucency, sparsic-reach, linear-comfortability

    If he has voices: 'another offender controlling/influencing to a high degree for play-toying witness, observational reactive'
    Voices: manipulative-levering, combative leveling (friction + cognitive gapping) fantropic manipulations: 'you are Jesus in the military' and prior the reasons why...religious fandoms, practiced manipulations; 'they are against you for this and why you are an animal'
    *You have to be aware some will use voices as a means to claim mental incompetence, even some with voices using it to seem like were manipulated in the incident when we're not — many variations.

    Furthered Speculative:
    Why the calculation for murder though? was he abusive towards his siblings in some way? a round trip of calculation from the hospital as a distractive to the story? [who knows, he would need to be interviewed on this] why kill all three? sometimes murder can be a conveyer to cover up past issues, a distraction from real crime — the past issues would of had to be bad enough to warrant murder even in a delusional mind (perhaps only) [if under voices accusations may have led to, different ball-game...] 

    Do not get this speculation wrong, this is a horrific crime. To kill three people is terrible (lifelong lost) but what is the reasoning behind? the calculations that lead to these brutal acts, bloodshed that would have taken so much anti-logic of some type to commit.



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