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    Sunday 5 October 2014

    Terror And The Public

    Alan Henning

    British hostage Alan Henning in image above who has recently been killed . 

    IS (ISIS)

    a new form of controversy .
    Recently through media forms IS has been committing public beheadings, IS are trying to encourage a chaos 'state' and form a further reach by using their videos, text and imagery to encourage violent behaviour, to impact or effect those who have little or nothing in life and have formed distrust or anger at law/governing, often due to influences like music, crime on TV/movies or simply the circles they are in or perhaps being charged by law, for instance ; "hard portrayal" - standing over, intimidating, being stronger than someone else, this is often formed from schooling and childhood issues, with kids wanting to be better than the other often leading to forceful behaviour towards others to ultimately have or gain more respect than the other or be known as someone to fear or watch out for (often for their own alleviation, their own self worth, and often because of previous problems experienced against them, or simply bad parenting)

    IS targets the vulnerable, as the strong minded and more aware will not be susceptible to these kinds of brainwashing and influential tactics, they are effectively trying to de-stabilise and create panic or confusion and its working, with the media relaying all that they (IS) wants to be heard, creating a fight against IS in public and hence awareness is far greater overall, they would certainly add up these points and further reactions so they do maintain some level of control or at least try to achieve the outcome they desire .

    Recently in media the UK announced that it will not concede to IS attempts in forcing the west to stop intervention, obviously this may be one of IS goals by beheading those working with 'humanitarian' causes and hence creating a level of public outcry against intervening in Iraq & Syria, forcing western intervention to stop, though the public is being made aware of these attempts to manipulate an outcome by IS .

    IS attracts people by portraying an image, even the colour of their flag has been thought out to attract (black with white - perhaps viewed like pirates in some child-like fashion in eyes of public) Their group displays are generally with black or dark clothing worn to give a certain impression of strength, those to be feared and the public views this and many see strength in this due to their own influences, at same time the public see IS as a temporary threat, though fail to understand long term implications of the threat existing and knowledge of threat being against westernisation and western powers which will influence further or later problems or perhaps create new threats in future itself .

    IS or ISIS does need to be stopped regardless as they simply kill anyone who does not follow or share their values, though they possibly themselves see US and its allies in the conflict as a threat to them, possibly not helped by cover-ups and conspiracy theorem and possibly being aware of governments themselves keeping information restricted, which may of caused a reason for them to fight in such a violent manner .

    Public Heightening Attempts

    Recently a 36 year old women burned an Australian flag at an Anzac Memorial in Sydney .
    Australian flag at the Anzac War Memorial in Sydney - See more at:
    Australian flag at the Anzac War Memorial in Sydney - See more at:
    Those with things they want to hide, or been/being mistreated or abused in some way see a way to get attention from media and heighten their status with negative publicity, these people will calculate impacts it will have and they see they will be generally being treated/regarded better or more carefully with a height of some kind or have thought/s that with higher standing they will be less likely to be charged for certain offences they may have committed, or they will try to use the negative publicity so friends will see or view them in different light . They often have little thought on problems faced by negative and higher standings , for example : often courts will have to ensure a more strict punishment due to them being in media sometimes, where as if you hold no weight/height you are seen as a more common problem and seen as not causing further problems by being in the community .

    These people wanting a media spotlight -calculate negative and positive impacts, it revolves in their mind creating a sort of memory stain and they see generally the effect means less disregard on themselves, that they will hold more impact, that people are going to be more cautious towards them  - Usually a result of how treated in some way (victimization against them) or focal points dealing with in life that cause them disarray . These people have often been regarded in a negative way, they are often aware of how others perceive them and want to change how they are perceived, they see this loophole to get the media's attention and weigh it up though often results with more negative consequences than calculated ; being in media committing a negative act creates driven hatred towards them in social media and in their own circles and will lead to a perception on them that often can not be resolved easily, some may even end up needing protections .  

    (though some may be doing for strictly religious reasons, these particular people have been convinced on these methods being simply a furthered adaption of the teachings they have learnt or believe the new teachings are closer to their God or more relevant in some form - though obviously still trying to achieve impact or effect those around them, to be singled out in some fashion which they have calculated to be better for them for various reasons)


    Anzac Memorial Sydney

    Image above shows the Anzac Memorial in Sydney's Hyde Park .


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