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    Saturday 13 September 2014

    Oscar Pistorius

    Oscar Pistorius

    Note : In this image trying to not display too much feeling , position of body and eye re-direction shows trying to not show / create too much "empathy towards himself" as previously resulted in media and bulldog criticising him for attempting to create empathy towards himself , though obviously this is formed from scared "cradling" on protection of self (vulnerability), they have formed him simply into an actor (creates problems with how perceived) , someone that needs to act a certain way to help himself with regards to how media/public perceives him and the resulting backlash , this obviously leads to behavioural problems down track and resulting trauma in confinement / constriction . He also has an almost smirk on his face , that is the impacting awareness of media and "hysteria" it is causing in himself , he has shown in the trial trying to restrain himself from smiling . Due to this vulnerability note the impression given that he is "faking" the crying which is caused by these factors , note the stretching in his voice when refers to Reeva (struggle ,cautiousness , trying to avoid showing frustration , media height thoughts , too much thought on how perceived and outcome) , too many of these calculations are leaving him with inability (note : I am not sure of the time this photo was taken , though still applies) This is a typical result of court for people that maintain some sort of normality ; heightened sensitivities .

    The Court Murder Psychology 


    Reference : Directive Psychology [direct field of training / references to law / field of specific focus ; narrowed perspective]

    When someone wakes from a sleep they are not "fully" alert , they are in a furthered slumber , for instance ; people over-ride this lack of alertness with coffee "a stimulant" , this shows that people naturally are aware of this inability sleep causes when wake .
    When wake up you can be in a "sleepless" state, this depends on how sleep proceeds , there is different levels to sleep I will reference some related to REM deprivation  :

    Reference :

    REM deprivation causes a significant increase in the number of attempts to go into REM stage while asleep. On recovery nights, an individual will most likely move to stage 3 and REM sleep more quickly and experience an REM rebound, which refers to a great increase in the time spent in REM stage over normal levels. These findings are consistent with the idea that REM sleep is crucial and perhaps the most important stage of sleep.
    After the deprivation is complete, mild psychological disturbances, such as anxiety, irritability, hallucinations, and difficulty concentrating, may develop and appetite may increase. There are also positive consequences of REM deprivation. Some symptoms of depression are found to be suppressed by REM deprivation; aggression, and eating behaviour may increase. 

    REM deprivation can be caused by many issues also , stress (his disability - frustration with inability)  , surrounding influences (levels of attitude heightening , manipulations furthering) also things like nutritional lacks (inability to maintain cost of living due to circumstances) and many, many other factors not mentioned.

    The scene and scenarios surrounding the offence (psycho-analytical) really shows just how he was not  100% functional, I assume if it was intention to kill and there were arguments then sleep states were a factor any ways. (possibly played on mind, and thought crossing mind of frustration after wake - presuming was asleep ; would of elevated an intensity with inaccurate thought processing "narrowed / blunted" thoughts resulting) 

    When someone has a disability such as this, you tend to focus on your strengths (example : taking up arms - mind alleviation for self from possibly how treated or you being aware of how you are constantly perceived) though influences play a strong part ; your social circles factors . Weapon use can be driven from a need for strength , many peoples weapon is actually knowledge, though disability itself ; how disability is perceived can effect how intelligent you are perceived to be, resulting in an intelligence complex and further need to "cradle" strength forms (protections ; adaptive behaviour )

    South Africa also has oppression elements, it is typical for people in western cultures to disregard them due to their location (away from world) and the country being at the bottom of Africa (a country known to have poverty, warlords etc - western movies like Lord Of War do not help this image ) Further leading oppression happens when you have awareness, often with disabilities you are more aware of factors that effect you ; being in an oppressed country with a disability (further oppression) can create levelling issues, though this would not be as much a factor presuming he was a successful athlete like displayed through media or so publicly presumed through media . Africa tends to represent conflict as well, this can be impacting on social life .

    The media has blasted this way out of proportion obviously, this is a simple murder and be it not directly provable (somewhat innocence presumed /displayed) because he is an Olympian it has heightened beyond belief, his life will never be the same, they may even decide to put him in jail for protective reasons down track, if was to for example walk streets with no bodyguards you can image the problems he will experience with "worldwide awareness" , will court and media pay for his "need" for protection in life ?  for this reason they may even "sacrifice" him into cells based on this, also causing further problems with lack of care for disability in jail like situations and conditions assigned (plus trauma from his level of awareness of restriction /be it having a significant disability) This also heightens the Judges state of mind on many levels/factors .

    I noticed an issue with the court psychology , how do they actually link one law reference to next and the order it proceeds in, who details how each reference is proceeded, obviously there is problems with this (the Judge may just not of explained this in enough detail - thought connectivity being linked from a single thought to next single thought to create delusion of an apparent whole )

    If he was prescribed medications of any sort (possibly not mental health prescriptions though as seemed to proceed with not being a mental health case) all medications, be it even paracetamol can effect the mind ; altered perception (the numbness you experience from it) thought connectivity , mood, alertness and many other resulting problems happen with using any type of medication , also mixing medications like paracetamol with things like coffee can be conflicting and can lead to things like agitation and frustration, simply a "displacement" .

    I believe all these notes come down to one specific factor "sleep" or the "need" for sleep ( - gathering they were possibly arguing)

    Note with how being treated as well and with his site showing the need to humanise himself, its a constant battle for him now : 

    Oscar is unaware of many things like all, specific laws, thought processing, psychology of mind itself - It is probably true when committed act if  was intentional ; knowledge about these laws resulting was not present ; a lack of information (everyone has lacks of information ) So therefore it would not of been thought out in complete form as nothing ever is . He has been the victim of assumptions against him (worldwide for that matter) this will cause restrictions in mind on him when jailed (trauma - often religion notes that you are innocent always as well) this is high level government assigned torture no matter how it proceeds . ( a simply , "presumed innocence" murder should not of been allowed to reach world height)

    Oscar will now suffer regardless, if he does escape jail he will be walking a very thin line in life (restrictive cautiousness , hate placements against him etc..) He simply does not realise that detailing his exact thought processing through recollection will actually help himself in this scenario , but he probably does not have the ability or reference to psychological factors in the scenario  (the law will not tell him this - in this they sacrifice people) as seen its typical thinking to restrict your truth to avoid getting into further trouble and this is actually assigned on him from previous cases/crimes he may of seen or typically shows on TV in-sighting that this is best method .

    Family issues will result, even the family suffering from partial normalisation (the impact adjusting over time) how to display themselves in public as well and obviously having to be careful generally (causing restrictions to them) this is a media worldwide event of course, it impacts all when is a "singular" individual .  

    In end all this is an attack on presumed innocence when the law was based on religion and its principals itself ; the need to help others, compassion . 

    Note : this is only my perspective, the information in this post is formed from there . It may be seen that I should not defend him ; I am just stating the "unfairness" .


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